No Age

Nice! Wasn’t mad on An Object, but will always check for new No Age.

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Excellent news. Hopefully some UK tour dates too

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Like this.

YES. October 10th is always No Age Day in my house as it marks the anniversary of when my best mate and I saw them headline a seven band bill in Dublin that included HEALTH and Male Bonding on the lineup. Delighted that this news came out today.


Oh yus

Conversely I LOVED An Object, having not liked anything they’d done since Nouns.

Looking forward to this.

One of the best bands going. Gutted I’ve never seen them live but hoping for some UK dates off the back of this (Primavera too?). An Object took a long long time to sink in but it’s actually pretty sublime and I really admired the way they tried something new. ‘A Ceiling Dreams of a Floor’ for example wasn’t like anything they’ve done before. Completely transcendent whilst still being distinctly No Age. C’Mon Stimmung and Circling With Dizzy were pure bangers too.

Not a duffer in their catalog, would be hard to choose between Nouns and Everything in Between for an absolute favourite. Still quite often listen to Semi-Sorted when I need to hype myself up for something, screaming along ‘FIRE’S COMING OFF MY FACE AND I JUST WANT TO BURN’ at the end.

The Separation 7 inch from last year was decent and this lead single absolutely slaps (Dean sounds a bit like Nathan Williams here). Now my most anticipated album of 2018, until Deerhunter comes along.

Oh shit, No Age for Primavera would be the most perfect booking. I haven’t seen them since 2010 so I’d lose my fucking shit if they played.

One weekend a few years ago, I saw No Age twice. Saturday at Bussey Building where they did stuff off Everything in Between and a couple of Black Flag covers, then Sunday at the ICA where they did this live score thing to a documentary called The Bear. I usually hate stuff like that, but it was amazing. Definite high point in my gig going.

Interesting. I don’t think they ever released the score for that, would love to hear it.

No, don’t believe they did. Not sure how much was improvised TBH.

You can watch a little snippet here - - YouTube

Was really good.

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It’s good but I need to hear the full album. Just happy to have them back so I can see them live again.

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Yeah, I can’t really be bothered with single tracks when an album is on the horizon. I’d rather wait. Not just No Age, anyone.

Playing Bristol 29 March, other dates are available…probably.

Where are you seeing the dates? I can’t find a thing.

Probably the most fun I’ve had at a show.

Got two for Bethnal Green, absurdly excited. They’re my only favourite band I haven’t seen live. They could play literally any setlist and I’d be happy.