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Beer is nicer than barley, hops and malt.
Cider is better than apples.

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also nicer than curds

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Champagne > white wine

Salted caramel lindt bars chilled in the fridge are the donkeys bollocks

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Didnt know there was such a thing as a twix ice cream

Love the mars bar ice cream and can really see the potential of that with the added biscuit component that the twix brings

I look forward to hearing more

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the biscuit bit is mixed in with the outer chocolate shell
then there’s a layer of caramel
then some dece ice cream

anyway, this isn’t the ice cream thread


I like the prospect

spicy nuggets

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PiL > Sex Pistols

Neville Southall running Neville Southall’s Twitter < adult babies takeover

Mother in law had some Drumstick ice creams in the freezer the other day. Was curious but reckon it’d be awful. Had a Crunchie Blast instead - that was good.

Nice ice cream thread!

:ice_cream: :icecream: :shaved_ice: :+1: :ok_hand:

I agree that despite my first ever taste of chocolate bars like Snickers and Twix coming only a few years ago (and my thinking them not great), their ice cream equivalents have always held a place in my heart.


(How’d you like them apples?)

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Frosted wheats
Frosted shreddies
Frosties over cornflakes

You get the idea. Add sugar - instantly better.

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Thread makes me so hungry :drooling_face:

TV is better than film

Phish food is my favourite ice cream and is a spin-off of Phish, so that.

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