No Comfort Zone - 12.00-12.03 TODAY!



Your life is too cosy.

You are not pushing yourself to your limits.

For three minutes this morning I want you to realise your potential.


Live the extreme version of your life that you’ve been too scared to contemplate.


I’m sick of not realising my potential so at 12.00 I will be standing on one leg swinging a rake around me while telling strangers to go fuck themselves.

Tell me what you’re going to do to unlock your inner you.


probably eat a twix


I’m not sure I’ve understood. If I were to prise my bum cheeks apart and press my posterior to the window, would that do?


Might do a poo poo


Looking back at those images you’ve posted: :smiley:


That’s 3 minutes in the afternoon you stupid fucking dickhead


12:00 to 12:03 is not this morning.


Should’ve made that point earlier and not made a tit of yourself I reckon


Look at you shitting yourself over times.

You need this more than anyone.


Fuck off, mate




found in Tampa




i would like to take part in this but i’m worried that my life insurance premiums may go up as a result


would that be… uncomfortable?





I hate to say it, but I don’t think that fish is making it




stop shitting on its dreams, emo


Cum Fort Zone.

That’s something?