No cutlery food

Anything you’ve killed for sustenance while stranded on a desert island…

Sherbert dib dab

Ethiopian/eritrean food served on injera

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Plenty of instances where eating toast with knife and fork is fine, namely when it’s covered in something runny

Thali plate.

beans on toast is a profoundly different thing from “toast”.

eg French toast

i have SPECIALIST corn on the cob end holders who doesn’t tbqh

not sure these count as cutlery though


oh yes - that’s ok , but its different IMO

my parents have little dedicated corn on the cob forks for this purpose - they are shaped like little corn on the cobs

I remember seeing someone on TV once (might have been John Goodman in Rosanne) butter a slice of bread, then wrap the bread around the corn in order to smear the butter all over it. Genius

beans maybe. but that’s not toast. that’s beans on toast. otherwise HANDS


oh yes - I had this for the 1st time recently

messy business - those things lack structural integrity

Also Indian food when eaten with actual Indian people - also a messy business for a nube like me

According to Wikipedia, “Cutlery includes any hand implement used in preparing, serving, and especially eating food in the Western world”.

What the fuck do you make of that?

sounds like shite.

so a whisk is cutlery? non

Utensil == cutlery

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also does that mean if you take a fork to china it’s not a cutlery any more?

Don’t think you’d be allowed it on the plane, so we’ll never know.

This is why they use chopsticks i believe

finger food