alright? i’ve had the womens hour podcast from yesterday on this morning and had to skip 15 minutes of kate tempest. thanks, DiS.


hi there.

got to go home from the castle today :’( I think what I’ll miss most is that this place is much less dusty than my home. also, having a bed and not just a mattress on the floor, that was nice. probably should have bought a proper bed when I had a job, huh.

plus point: I can play my guitar at one in the morning again.


The screen on my phone isn’t working properly - the cursor/ touch keeps jumping around and the screen won’t respond unless I have Glove mode activated.


Sounds like you need a pair of something like these gloves:


Hi Penoid et all! How it’s going?

I’m cleaning the flat and listening to records. Going to do some baking this afternoon for a family thing at my aunt’s place tomorrow.


Christ, the whole intro? Brutal.

I’m in the park with my niece. Might have lost her, brb.


Hi Penoid!

who is Kate Tempest?

I’ve only got to bloody well iron shirts today!


*How’s it going? Edit


Not much going on, I’m a bit ill. Was gonna go see Rogue one but don’t think the other cinemagoers would appreciate me coughing all the way through.


At home on me todd, so I’m drinking tea and about to watch Bill Murray in SCROOGED. If I’m not mistaken this also has the guy with the weird voice who was in those awful Police Academy films.

I got a turntable for Xmas so I’m waiting for my Amazon vinyl to turn up too.

Too early for Ben N Jerrys?


Also where was the castle and from what era is the castle?


Anyone find the over indulgence at Christmas, more so than normal, makes them feel like life has no purpose, like normally I can at least rely on being quite up for getting some food as a reason to get out of bed


Read to leave my parents’ now and do fun stuff. Gonna buy myself a new audio midi interface thingy today. Woohoo!


What one?


Came here to make this joke you twat


I definitely use Christmas as an excuse to blot out the world/my issues with food and booze. Find myself disliking it more as I get older but being a total hypocrite when it comes to over-indulgence.


I’m conscientiously doing uni work while listening to some of the music I got for Christmas. I’ve also been mucking about and practising with the sampler I got as well. :smiley:


Ooo what sampler did you get?


Was gonna get this bundle:

I’m a bit of a luddite so please tell me if I’m doing it wrong and can get something better for the same money.


SP-404. I like the pads and things. I might post up some of my muckings aboutings at some point.