looks good for the price!


essentially I am:


Good choice, think there is almost consensus that Focusrite make the best interfaces of this type, no idea about the mic and the headphones but at that price it’s a bargain. One thing I would say is be careful with the usb cable into that interface, the bit mine plugged into disintegrated and the replacement I got is a bit wobbly, that’s probably my own clumsy fault, would still recommend this one in spite of that


I keep starting to save up for that and then breaking into the savings.

You should definitely post up your experiments. I follow you on Soundcloud, I really like that track ‘never stopped ol’ big bear’.

i’d also like to get this:

purely cos i’m a rza acolyte.


bam do you use a DAW? i wanna get some analogue synth of some kind but i don’t know if FL has particular requirements or w/e.


What record are you going to christen your turntable with?


Cheers! That track was inspired by a friend’s Facebook status that I can’t entirely remember.

Also that looks amazing.


I can feel my power slowly returning. I’ve upgraded from sitting sweating in bed to sitting next to the fire moisturising my face. I even managed a slow wiggle to The Proclaimers in the kitchen. I like to think it’s because I put my dinosaur disco socks on -

What sorcery lurks within these threads.


Oo well I’ve got Cosmogramma, Elliott Smith’s Either/Or and Burial’s Untrue and Street Halo coming.

I could happily listen to the crackling sound on its own tbh, makes music seem overrated.


My fucking head. Christmas in Clonmel involves drinking non-stop until you drop. I’m done now. (For a few hours.)

Have to go and practice at half-two. Not ready for it.


this happened last night.


Child neglect is no laughing matter.


I think I might be the only person who has Street Halo as a favourite Burial release. I’m not even entirely sure that that’s the case, but it’s probably the one I come back to most (on bleakly overcast days, and grim nights) and I rarely hear it spoken of in the same high terms as some of his other stuff.


Won at hide and seek by hiding behind my gf. I’m officially smarter than a three year old.


:grinning: this is so great


Dino socks :heart_eyes: - glad to hear you’re on the mend!! Keep drinking that lemsip!


Some absolute gems!!

Stick on Cosmogramma first then into Street Halo then pop on Untrue and finish with Either/Or - running order sorted :slight_smile:


Alright peens et al. Ma-in-law got discharged at 5:30pm on Christmas Day so we had our family shindig yesterday. So, so glad she got out! My grandma’s still very ill however, in hospital, not talking, not rousable, on 3 drips. Been fearing a phone call from my parents for days now. Hope I get to see her tomorrow.


My dad just said the words ‘i never was a black chocolate lover’


FL is probably fine, haven’t used it for like over a decade though. I pretty much exclusively use Ableton Live these days. Think you can get a trial version for free. It’s definitely the most fun DAW…best would depend on your workflow/use case etc.