No England vs. India cricket thread?


Hero Mo! This is nicely poised huh

Why haven't any of you idiots started a cricket thread?

Might actually win this :cricket:


HOWZAT! :cricket_bat_and_ball:


dhoni’s still magic with the gloves :heart_eyes:


Battered them again today.

Interesting fact: Of the ten England players with the most ODI centuries, 6 are in this current squad. Granted this also indicates how badly we have sucked over the last 40+ years, but still.


It is a cracker tbf


strauss, tres, KP &…?




could be, i discounted him cause he batted 6. maybe sir nicholas? im gonna cave and have a nosey.


Yeah I’ve had a look, wouldn’t have got them, was thinking too modern, Collingwood only one away from the top 10


aye same.

in the first 30ish years of odi cricket 2 english men reached 5 centuries. haha


we’re alright at the old white ball, eh?


Test after a long dry period against the best players of spin in world cricket with an all rounder and a white ball specialist as our spin attack. Really can’t see anything other than a comfortable England win here


Oh there is no hero Mo?


Unfortunately there are no more heroes any Mo.


Not sure if I’m being an idiot but absolutely no idea why you wouldn’t swap Malan for mo in our lineup. (cue Malan double century)


No idea, but Cricinfo goes into why Rashid over Mo (video to right; basically Rashid is the specialist spinner), and also says that Mo might have played over Malan.



  • astride the series like some sort of bronze god
  • jimmy’s bunny again
  • cowardly fence sitting option

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I see the logic of rashid over mo but it’s a risk and having a second spinner would dampen that risk. Plus mo is as good a batsman as malan


7/4 on India to win the series

  • Bafflingly wide. Have a nibble
  • Nobody wins test series away from home anymore

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