No England vs. India cricket thread?

Crazy how after all this Kohli and Pujara are gonna put on a 150+ run partnership and India stroll to victory


This is amazing. Full list of successful Indian away 4th inning run chases since 2000

Almost 8 years since they’ve managed one. 15 years since they’ve chased over 100 outside asia

Had the date filter wrong. Haven’t done much in the last 8 years either

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Should be a good day.

Weather is perfect (atm) and should see a good run chase. Not been to the bowl in 11 years (saw an England-India ODI in 2007) and it’s expanded since then. On a bus atm though. Bloody train strikes

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Well I reckon we’ll be out in two overs, India will ease to 100 without loss, there will be a flurry of wickets then India will nervously progress to a win 8 down setting the series up for a cracking closer. Possibly.

England to finish with a lead of 248. A flurry of early wickets, Kohli plus one (Pandya maybe) to put on a brave stand, but Curran to see them out for 210-225.


Jennings to rescue England from a deep hole with a five fer and then be the third man of the match to be dropped.

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Dangerously close prediction

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Well at least I wasn’t alone.

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Amazing how hard it is to chase anything above 200 in a Test match.

Great day out that. Shame there’s no play tomorrow, meaning I don’t get a refund, but nice to wrap it up in 4 days. Thought India were going to chase that down around mid way through the afternoon session, and it all went flat in the ground. But that burst after tea was perfect


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Day 5 tickets are cheap for a reason

Are tickets super cheap for day 5 to make up for this or what?


That is super cheap. Worth it for the result? Sounds like you’ve had a great day!