No England vs. India cricket thread?


aye, get foakes in as well. 4 wicketkeeper middle order.


Burns very much due a go to open. Joe Clarke at Worcester has been touted for a few years and will probably be in soon. Cricinfo have highlighted Ollie Pope at surrey who is only 20 but averages 60+, might need a bit more time though. Foakes will be in at some point.

No-one else exactly beating down the door. Vince is next in runs, and we’ve been there enough times. Hildreth too, but he’s 34 shortly, they’d have picked him by now if they were going to. Topscoring Englishman in Div 2 is a certain IR Bell…



the woakes foakes stokes axis will be unbeatable


Buttler, like Hales, is phenomenally talented, and there’s not very many of those players playing for England at the moment. I’d be looking at Jennings and Malan ahead of Buttler as someone to make way to get pretty much any other batsman in, and shuffle everyone up (obvs easier to do with Malan)

Hales for Jennings, Ali for Malan. No point in a gritty batsman who get can’t get it done when you need him.


absolutely screamingly obvious this. Better test batsman plus means you’ve got 2 spinners


Foakes at 7, keeping, YJB as a specialist bat, aye?


Hales has given up red ball cricket so he can’t be pic… oh wait.


NO to Hales for me. He just is not a test batsman.

Yes I know everyone else averages 24 but, still.


Foakes (w)


I think alex davies would average 35 in tests, but he’s never gonna get picked.


No value in dropping Bairstow for me I’m afraid




Oh that’s who YJB is. Ignore.


Needs more seamer. Rashid is a one off (I think) and little Sammy Curran is making a big case for himself, so swap them and we’re golden.


forgot about little sam curran didn’t I. Yeah, that then


The price you pay for staying out of the Cricket Threads for so long


Would be fucking lovely if we just randomly decided to drop one of our few established, good test batsmen for bants though


More importantly a 3 “okes” middle order


where does Pope bat for Surrey? his average is boosted by a lovely 30% red ink ratio I notice.


Like Cook you mean… :grimacing: