No England vs. India cricket thread?


The Oval!!!


Got a feeling England will have a 200+ lead before this partnership is broken taps nose


A Davies
S Davies
Some bowlers who can keep wicket in a (massive) emergency)


On dear lord no.

If this happens I’m giving up on cricket altogether and will feign an obsessive interest in badminton


I think it’s time for the return of England’s next great opener Haseeb Hameed



Carried his bat in that game against Yorkshire 2nds


Although there are bigger, more established names in the party, its actually little Sam who is doing the majority of the heavy lifting.

Not sure when cricket matches started mirroring The Lord of the Rings so closely.



What the fuck happened to him? Played 2 tests and looked to have solved all of our problems and… nothing.


maybe, but these guys aren’t up to scratch and Hales is a world class batsmen in 2 other forms


(He is also a total, total cunt according to my #nottsmates)


Maybe he’s one of those players who inexplicably perform so much better internationally than for his county.

From very shaky memory wasn’t Michael Vaughan a bit like that?


he was incredible for lancs in 16 tho.

idk what’s gone on like, but if you talk to people around OT they all say he practices obsessively, so it’s not like he’s got billy big bollocks.




Welcome to Birmingham!


I can’t remember re: Athers. I mean I know he got injured and that but does he have a severe attitude problem or something also?

I remember that Banger wasn’t exactly glorious for Somerset when he got picked and he went on to be superb.


Countdown to inevitable broad dismissal





top edge sweep 4/1 on.

oh wait no he’s gonna get bowled off a yorker innit.

it’s the yin and yang of broady batting


BOSH, Curran’s having a blinder here


minimum we can defend is about 180? even odds at about 210-220?