No England vs. India cricket thread?


Virat Curran


Imagine if he smashes a ton from here. Imagine.


I think if you add the 120+ runs Malan cost us with that drop then we should be OK


that and however many the run out cost us when we had 2 set batsmen.


Just missed six balls in a row


very silly over that


Yeah cursed the lad didn’t I.


absolute child hero


this would now be a record 4th innings chase for india against england

definitely going to happen still


what a shot 54 off 54 too


come on then pop pickers
under 200

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Sorry everyone.


VERY fit pull shot


open the bowling why not


Must be well annoying getting padded up to go out to bat and then not face a delivery and have to go and get ready to bowl


He’s given us a sniff. Great knock


worth remembering India’s second highest score in the first innings was 26, and Kohli should’ve gone for 21. still very doable, this


Ball’s hooping all over the place. Reckon 194 isn’t that bad really. Kohli obviously the key


It’ll not go to a fifth day, but this has been a great match so far.


Just nice to see a test where there are momentum shifts throughout the game innit. So many recent tours it’s been whoever wins the first session/day comfortably wins the match. Both teams have dug themselves out of holes here.