No England vs. India cricket thread?


rootys had a blinder this morning




Got TMS on, and just listening to Rashid’s last over was reaally tense…


Enjoyed the most deceptive of all googlies: the one when nobody knows you bowled it.


The right’un


worra game of cricket.

kohli motm then?


what a game


Kohli or Curran


That was bloody brilliant.

Why do people work full time when you can just lie on the settee for several days at a time watching something like that?


Baller. I’m absolutely thrilled for Sam Curran.


did a late shift and only woke up early afternoon. remembered this and loaded up the BBC website and fuckin’ yassssssss m11s

bloody wish I’d gotten up early and streamed it


Well done England, great test from what I saw of the highlights (can anyone recommend a decent site carrying say 30-60 minute highlights of each day’s play?)


Can you get onto the channel 5 website where you are?


Oh, 5 of course!

Yeah, should be able to watch it via our VPN. Sky and BBC are harder, but 5 should be OK. Thanks!


Will Pope come in at three and Woakes at six/seven then?


I think he plays at five at county level, probably just a straight swap with Malan? Woakes or Ali at seven I’d guess.


He bats at 6 for Surrey but where he bats for England might depend on breaking up the pattern of right and left handers. He bats right handed and most of the middle order bat left, which is always going to interest Ashwin. Having another rightie will allow them to rotate against him.


The stuff from the Stokes case makes for grim reading. I’d been under the impression he’d come to the defence of a gay couple, but it doesn’t sound like that at all.


Just came here to post that.

I could’ve swore that was the defence at the start?


sure i remember the lads in question came out to corroborate his statement as well, dunno.

sounds nasty anyway, does it not seem a bit odd that they try stokes & the two guys he was fighting in the same trial?