No England vs. India cricket thread?


Acting like an absolute oafish cunt for the majority of the night and being on the ‘right’ side of a scrap at the end of it arent necessarily exclusive innit.


It’s affray not assault so everyone that’s been charged with the same offence will be tried together


sure, be a bit odd of him to (presumably in a homophobic way) mimic & mock them & flick a cigarette and then get into a tear up defending their honour tho.

not suggesting it couldnt have happened like that or anything, i get that tanked up dickheads aren’t internally consistent, just odd innit.


Aye. But also the sort of arrogant, self appointed moral bastion which populates every university sports social night out. He defines the point at which banter becomes homophobia and he alone will defend those boundaries. Or something like that


That was my belief as well. Doesn’t sound good at all so far. Be interesting to see what the defence tactic is, whether they go along with the same set of events but with a more positive angle*, or a different account altogether of the night.

*making a weak "spin’ pun doesn’t feel right




the cardinals have made up their minds

very happy to have another ginger in the side.

be weird if we play two spinners at lords eh. india gone out to 2/1 on a pitch that is supposed to take spin.


a tempter outside my off stump, might have a nibble


In the old days, a simple matter of fisticuffs between ruffians would have been settled by a duel. How the world has come on.


Not a Bell end?


ian bell: cricket’s michael owen - discuss


What is a “Michael Owen”?


well done, he’s 36


Ban request


monstrously talented child whose talent meant they were never required to have a personality as an adult.


An in form Ian Bell would probably be better than most of the current team at the moment. that said, It’s probably worth building for the future, rather than trying our hardest to win a series we should already win at home. The only way I’d bring him back, would be if it would add a stability that would take pressure off the rest of the batters and help them be more confident. Can’t see that being the case though.


i’m just asking questions, so much for the tolerant left.


He’s right handed.


All good points, much as he has been a True Servant To The Game, it’s time to move on. I for one enjoy the prospect of all these young pups taking wickets and (hopefully) scoring runs.

Having only just caught up with all the highlights from the previous test, it looked like Broad has slowed down, he’s just sort of rattling them in rather than pushing them through. Looks like we’re going to need to find some more genuine quicks from somewhere in the next year or so.


fucking hell, apparently Woakes averages 60 with the bat and 10 with the ball at Lords in tests