No England vs. India cricket thread?


For a while it looked like Woakes would slot right in. hopefully he can regain his form and maintain his fitness. Not sure what sort of young pace we have up and coming. I’m sure i saw a piece about a few prospects who were trying to follow the Aussie model of out and out pace. Need to get back into the podcasts, really!


time for a Steven Finn recall? agreed!


Finn pre-SA 2012, maybe


broad was getting it through at decent pace according to the speed gun. he’s not been fast fast for years but i reckon he’s regained a yard he lost after the heel problems.

doesn’t get that bounce he used to & stokes looked miles quicker to the eye, but i reckon that’s cause he’s more of a pitch up bowler now.


height and angles too innit, Broad’s 6’6", stokes 6". Broad’s ball probably travels an extra yard through the air every delivery


Do you remember when they used to show the speed each ball when it was on the beeb back in the day. I’m sure they did, and you had the likes of Gough getting it up round 90 from time to time.


aye, didnt mean to say you’re wrong in your main point, we’re definitely short a lad with proper wheels. just went into Protect Stuart mode there, feel like people have been writing him off for 5 years or so, and he’s averaged 27 in that time.

they do sometimes show the radar gun on sky, dunno why they don’t for every over. stokes looks the only one getting anywhere near to 90.


That ship has sailed surely.


Oh, I’m a fan of Broad alright, he has the right attitude and he can be thrilling to watch. He’s totally squandered his batting talent though, which made his place a shoe in, he’s only really a strike bowler now (which makes him more vulnerable). Jimmy will be there until his legs fall off.


I think Woakes will be fine, just needs time to recover from this injury - give him a month extra to get fully through it, then you’ve got him for a while


jimmy’s insatiable - doesn’t seem that long ago he went past botham in the all time wickets table, got another 160 since then! gonna breeze past mcgrath, probably got kumble in his sights. mental really.

feel bad for broady and his batting, as a bloke who has had his face rearranged a couple of times playing sport, it can really effect you in pretty nasty ways.


Nice one, rain.


Yeah already played more tests than the pair of them did mind you. That said if you’d told me when I was younger England would produce a bowler that would take 500 test wickets let alone 600 I’d have laughed in your face.

I don’t know about getting to 600 for Jimmy you know. He’s 36 and I can see him getting an injury and having a very sharp decline culminating in a retirement in less than 2 years.


Does Owen have a success like Bell’s absolute bossing of the 2013 ashes?

He is boring as fuck though.


aye, injury or time is gonna catch up with him eventually, but i remember vividly saying that he might pass kapil dev but he’ll never get close to walsh… not gonna guess against him now. averaged 46 wickets per calendar year since he’s been a fixture in the side so… 18months ish would probably see off kumble.

@asita no, not even close (i do love bell dearly, he’s boring but nowhere near as dislikeable as owen)


The other thing I’ve found curious about Anderson is I don’t think there’s another bowler I’ve seen bowl as consistently beautifully for so little reward in certain sessions. Especially in England. The amount of times I’ve seen Jimmy bowl a perfect spell and end up wicketless… he should already be on 600!


So could Stokes actually do bird if he’s found guilty or is that unlikely ?


think it’s pretty rare for people who aren’t wealthy, famous athletes to get a custodial for affray, first offence so highly, highly doubtful. Community service, fine and a suspended sentence if guilty, I’d guess


Pleaded not guilty and there was a serious injury.

I reckon he might do time


Google says:

Affray . An offence under section 3 is triable either way. The maximum penalty on conviction on indictment is 3 years’ imprisonment and/or a fine of unlimited amount. On summary conviction the maximum penalty is 6 months’ imprisonment and/or a fine not exceeding level 5.