No England vs. India cricket thread?


These are guidlines though. Where are our resident legal eagles @UnicornPorn and @Epimer when you need them eh.


about 10% of affray convictions are immediate custodial sentences, would be pretty surprising for someone with (i assume) no priors and very expensive lawyers, but not impossible, guess there’s a chance the judge makes an example of him or takes into account the acting like a homophobic cunt beforehand


The Sentencing Advisory Council has released sentencing statistics for the sentencing of affray in the County and Supreme Court over a 5 year period between 2008 – 2013. During this period, 134 people were sentenced for this offence. 25% of people sentenced received a wholly suspended period of imprisonment, 25% received a community based order, 13% received a fine and 10% received an immediate term of imprisonment.


Who in the FUCK just @'d me into a sports thread


me. Now do the job you’re not paid for and advise.


Lad ended up with a broken face and he’s gone not guilty which will be pushing him into the higher brackets if found guilty.


an absolute walloper who used to be a regular at a pub I worked at got affray, broke an off duty copper’s rib and didn’t get hard time. Obviously anecdotal but reckon the bar’s pretty high for going down


Don’t know anything about criminal law. The only thing that’s a criminal offence under the patents act is marking something as patented when it isn’t, so unless the bottle that yer man smashed over someone’s head was falsely marked, I’m no use to you.

Enjoy your shit rounders at… Edgbaston or wherever the fuck these things happen, I don’t know.


Culpability and harm here


they’ll argue all 3 of the lower culpability points though I guess.
I know nothing about the law, all a bit moot trying to second guess a trial that’s in progress. Would expect/hope England to suspend him for a period of time regardless


I hope he goes down. Would make a great film. Danny Dyer to play Stokes obviously.


can’t imagine they’ll give him a second suspension tbh. he is very good at cricket after all.


yeah should have deleted expect really


The provocation they’re arguing is that he was defending a gay couple who he homophically abused and threw a lit cig at


A couple of my mates got custodial sentences for affray. First time offences. It was years and years ago now. Got involved in a scrap with another bunch of lads on a night out, 50/50 pointless teenager stuff. One did about three months the other just under a year. Not a proper prison i don’t think, some open young offenders place in Staffordshire.

They didn’t have shithot lawyers, though, and i’m assuming character references from governing bodies and all that.


there’s only one way to settle this

  • in nick (jail)
  • in nick (good form playing cricket for England)

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Or two ways

  • Community service
  • I am safebruv

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What is it about top drawer English all-rounders and being an utter helmet?

A fine lineage running Botham - Flintoff - Stokes now (although with variance of helmetry within, obviously)





Probably is in this instance, tbf.

Sir Garfield Sobers would be turning in his grave… (if he were dead)