No England vs. India cricket thread?


Basic premise of being an all-rounder:

OK chunky this a ball, off you go.

OK chunky this is a bat, off you go.


plus constant need to be centre of attention.

fred did it in quite a likeable way tho.


@Epimer if he hurt someone badly then how come he’s getting done for affray rather than assault?


DoJ budget cuts. “Affray” uses less ink on the summons.


Oh Freddie’s not in the same class as the other two, but he was a bit of a twat let’s face it (The Pedalo Incident, jesus). More of a manchild than anything perhaps.

Lest we forget he finished the canonical Ashes series of 2005 as England’s highest wicket taker and 3rd highest run scorer. Brilliance and nothing less.


yeah agreed. He’s just a harmless idiot. Got a soft spot for Fred. We can chuck Boycott in though. Not an all rounder but a thoroughly unpleasant man by all accounts.


But Pietersen was ten times a bigger knobhead, but ten times less a bowler.


yeah fred’s the naughty dog who shits on the rug and gets into the bins

stokes is the sort that bites

botham is the sort who is lazily racist & accidentally uploads dick pics to Twitter


This is very true. I’m just spotting a pattern here. Pietersen isn’t representative of English middle order batsmen who tilt towards being Really Nice Guys. Like Ian Ronald Bell, and Jonny Bairstow


How come Hales didn’t get charged? Isn’t it generally accepted that he threw some punches too?


generally accepted =/= CPS think they can prove beyond reasonable doubt. If there’s no CCTV they won’t think they can win the case I’d guess


Christ just reading up on some of this. They’re all lying through their teeth aren’t they!


Looooong time since i’ve looked at English criminal law. Best person who will defo know this is @bornin69x


ah don’t worry. Just make something up, he’s going down for life yeah ?!


Also the judiciary aren’t perfect. Not sure how it works in England, but in Scotland most things are tried by a sheriff. IN our local court, there is one particular sheriff who is known as a Rottweiler and especially hates a certain aggravated type of an offence, so defence lawyers will totally GROAN if they discover their client has been assigned this sheriff if it’s an offence of this type. These foibles do unfortunately exist and sometimes a sheriff having a bad day will jail some wee ned that would otherwise have walked away with a payback order and an ankle tag.





“No Stokesy”


What’s wrong with flintoff?

Got a lot of time for him being so open about the alcoholism and bulimia. Not sure I’d toally get on with his sense of humour etc down the pub, but from what I’ve seen/read there’s a world of difference between him and botham, and nowhere near Stokes.

(edit) just seen the follow ups, never mind!


I’d say it’s unlikely but not impossible. The maximum sentence for Affray is 3 years but the most common sentence would probably be somewhere between a community order and short (say 9 months) prison sentence. So far as I know Stokes does not have any previous convictions (unless you include the gratuitous assault on that locker in the West Indies). From what I’ve seen it was quite a serious incident but he doesn’t seem to have started the violence (although he certainly ended it) and that is a significant factor. I’d say a community order would be most likely but you certainly couldn’t rule out custody.