No England vs. India cricket thread?


Winning the toss and bowling then.

On a scale of 1 to 3, how many wickets will India lose today?


@discobot roll 1d10


:game_die: 3


Disco botham


Why they aren’t starting half an hour early, I don’t know. My favourite is when there are rain delays for 45 minutes or so at the start of play, but they still religiously go off for lunch at 1 even if it’s sunny


have you no idea the pressure on those poor chefs to have lunch ready on time?!?!?


what’s the latest/most overs they can play today if the weather and light are good?


I belieeeeeeve without googling that they can play until 7 to get overs in, with 7.30 on the final day if a result is possible?

I’m not sure what the quota of overs is when you lose a day though. Might be 105?


Average score of around 225 at lords this season


WOW, so the team will get over 2000!?


Yes I was talking about Individual batsmen and not teams


that’s nice


lovely ball


what a ball


always back a captain choosing to bowl.


is this India side 100% bearded? is this a test record?


Ashwin is non-bearded right?


I thought he had quite a rubbish close cropped beard. I’ll keep a lookout. won’t be long.


big half hour coming up


big half hour of rain!