No England vs. India cricket thread?


crazy! they’ve moved lunch right back to 13:45. unprecedented mistreatment of the chefs


Jimmy Anderson’s test bowling average since the 3rd test of the 2015 Ashes is 19.50… That’s pretty amazing given that he would have been at least 33 years old during most of that time…


broad started appealing for an lbw decision there with his usual gun fingers and then when he realised there was an inside edge he grabbed the wrist of his gun hand with his other hand and made a motion as though to holster it.


he’s been bowling so tightly in that period that even when he’s not been threatening, he’s been leaking very little. He seems to beat his career average nearly every innings he bowls.


I liked it when, as Kohli walked back through the applause of the long room room after coming off for rain having scored one run from his two balls, he raised his bat to the room.


14.97 in England !! that’s some Sydney Barnes shit.


Stokes going with the classic “I was talking to God” defence then.


Great delivery that.




He’s bowled himself into a defensive position with batsmen quite rightly deciding to do everything possible to see him off rather than risk opening up against him. Kohli’s first innings against him is an extreme example but the same thing happened in Australia if I remember correctly. The opposition are essentially doing everything they can to avoid having to play cricket against him.


What are we expecting England to put on here - 140?


Good to see they’re rigidly sticking to the 11 am start, despite losing a day and a half so far and glorious sunshine all around london


Would hope for 250+, these are quintessential english conditions which all the players should have grown up with, and the Indian players only get to play in on occasion.

So yeah, 135, 140


What time are we seeing ollie pope’s debut. I’m going for 11:42


don’t think their seam bowlers are as good as our seam bowlers


Good job they’ve picked 2 spinners for this one then…




Prince tipper




shami’s appeals are fucking wild man