No England vs. India cricket thread?


Well pleased for Woakesy, dressing room all seemed like they were delighted too.


Looking like it might rain all day today, then showers tomorrow.


Think Jimmy only needs a few more overs tbh.


Very little in this world that looks more forlorn than an Indian batsman facing Jimmy in the drizzle. Vijay basically gave himself out.


I know that England have been professional in this match, India abject and the weather iffy, but having a test match wrap up in 170 overs is making a mockery of the format.

Would we be seeing criticism of the groundsman if it hadn’t taken place at Lords?


didn’t think it seamed that much, swung a bit & india caught the worst of conditions with the rain spicing the pitch up.

bit harsh to blame the groundsmen when England looked on course to make 500 imo.

also professional is a bit unfair on the bowlers, broad, anderson and woakes bowled world class spells.


the only bad thing about the pitch was the variable bounce imo. most of the lateral movement was through the air when the clouds were in.


I wasn’t blaming the groundsmen for the short match, but I’ve seen better pitches get criticised in the past.


yeah I got that, man. I don’t think it was a bad pitch though, so I disagreed. no worries eh.


Is this the place to talk about Stokes’s trial? There’s been a lot of talk about the ‘gay guys’ that Stokes was either defending or flicking a cigarette butt at depending on who you believe but as far as I can tell they haven’t been called as witnesses. Isn’t that a bit weird?


yeah there’s a lot of chat up thread. I reckon he’s gonna be found guilty. the CCTV is pretty damning. And yes, odd that they haven’t been called to give evidence.


It’s pretty damning for both of them. Stokes went way beyond self defence and the other bloke went at someone with a bottle.


They’ll both be found guilty and get nothing much more than a slap on the wrists


I don’t think England should pick him whether he’s found guilty or not.


They will give him a suspension that will happen to also be the amount of time he missed over winter, take the vice captaincy off him for a year or so and pretend it hasn’t happened.
All while trying to hold some sort of moral high ground over the Australians. And it will be a load of bollocks


While I want to agree, as everything I’ve seen from the trial and CCTV seems to show he can be a nasty piece of work, if he is found not guilty, then technically he has done nothing wrong. Be quite difficult to argue against someone who has been found not guilty by a jury being able to return to their job after the trial.


Return to his job as a cricketer by all means, but guilty or not they wouldn’t have to justify not picking him for England, would they? How do the central contracts work?


If a player has a central contract (which Stokes does) they are employed by the ECB rather than their county. This means the ECB would still have to pay him but not pick him. They could then not renew his central contract when they are up for renewal. I expect if his contract is not renewed and he’s been scoring loads of runs and taking loads of wickets for Durham this opens up the possibility of him suing the ECB for unfair dismissal though.


IDK. I’m annoyed he’s been allowed to continue representing England with the trial hanging over him. If he’s found not guilty, then I’ll still not particularly want him playing for England, but could understand him doing so.


Not Guilty