No England vs. India cricket thread?


english? Bopara?


Sort of. Half South African, half English, with some Welsh ancestry.


Nah Bopara hit 3 tons on the spin didn’t he.

Look more like Malan type figures but probably hasn’t played that many tests.


Geraint Jones surely played more tests and averaged more. hmmm


I’m totally cheating. It’s the combined test figures for Jennings and Malan - Keatlan Malannings if you will - and they are dire figures.


oh fuck off mate!


Fair. I did have a reason for combining them, but I can’t really remember it now.


Jones checked out with an average of 23. That’s nuts - early days him and Flintoff had a partnership average of over 100 for a while.


is there anyone who knows how to play a sensible red ball innings in the county game atm?


yeah checked that, must have had a real slump at the end


Also Prior averaged over 40 in tests, never really think of him as being that good for some reason


I’m not sure i’d put much fault at the Buttler inclusion really, but you guys know more than me and i’m probably a little biased. Seems like there are a number of issues from the openers down and we go round and round in circles questioning the most recent call-ups.


Yeah it wasn’t pretty - was awful with both the gloves and bat before Prior came in. Sad to see. Especially for a Member of the British Empire.


Prior was an absolute machine at his peak - when we became the #1 test nation after India came over in 2011. Part of the KP, Bell, Collingwood, Prior axis I mentioned upthread. Spoiled we were.


Issue is there are a lot more questions than sensible answers. So people who have been shown to not be test players get called back up time after time. Happening at opener and 4 as well. Ballance will probably get another go at some point


hildreth is still knocking about without a test cap? probably gonna be burns or clarke next up id have thought.


The fuck - Collingwood is still playing for Durham?! Absolute legend :heart_eyes:


Isn’t Ollie Pope the current NEXT BIG THING


Startling lack of James Vince chat here, guys


at least his 30s were pretty :heart_eyes: