⛔ Wednesday 🔙🔛🔝🔜 ⛔



In early today so I can go for a cycle after work on my bicycle before the light gets too bad to ride a bike

What’re you on with?


Woke up and made the mistake of checking my emails, so answered them then ran out of time to go and get a nice hotel breakfast. :frowning:

Having a nice coffee.


I woke up with Like a Virgin by Madonna stuck in my head and I just don’t know why.


It’s in everyone’s head now!


What’s the breakkers situation like at the hotel you’re at emo? We talking full on buffet here or croissant and some jam?



Nothing to report.



this is not jazz life

breakfast over emails innit. always


I’m going into work half an hour early for a meeting but I’m a bit concerned I’ll have forgotten by 5.30 and will stay until my usual home time. Going to have to stick a post-it on my monitor saying GO HOME


I hope you read the note at 10am and have a lovely day off.


Also heading out on my bicycle today



aye. might go out on the [https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FPMXt9Me_Fo] (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FPMXt9Me_Fo) today too


It’s halfway in between - European Breakfast, but still good selection. Lots of cold meat and cheeses, boiled eggs, huge selection of bread and pastries, jams, cereals.

Hot food is only the boiled eggs and some sausages. I’m ok with it though tbf.

Definitely. Made a huge mistake. Won’t do it again - problem was I had TOO much time if anything, so I just kept going with the emails before I knew it it was time to get the fuck out of there. NOT jazz life.

Could do with losing some weight though so, maybe it’s a good thing.


Fully kitted up #raphawanker today as well, to add fuel to the glare


Can you pop a photo on Strava of your looking expensively resplendent?


Some chump left the heating on in our office overnight. It’s a sauna in here.

Tried one of those wake-up-with-light apps on my phone today. Dunno if it was a placebo effect but it worked like a dream :slight_smile:


Sacked work off. Gf told me I was too ill. Couldn’t be arsed anyway. Called in, drank a lemsip, feel ok now tbh


How many wanks so far?


^this plz @rich-t

Not much to report. At work, got a coffee.

The posh bike shop near work has recently opened a cafe inside so I’m gonna pop there at lunch. Looks like they have some really fucking good socks so I might buy some for me and plasticmike, who has an interview for a new job NOW.


Good luck cycling’s very own plasticmike!