No evening thread yet? (Wednesday)

How were your days lovely people? What do your evenings hold?

Currently in the period of willing R to get to sleep in time so I don’t miss film club again. There have been encouraging yawns but not quite there yet.


Thank god. I thought three in a row would be excessive.

Just smashed through my weekly cycling goal and it’s only Wednesday. :muscle:

Evening flashy x


Similarly trying to get M to sleep as have a zoom meeting about setting up a WalkRide group for our town at 8. Seems unlikely, she’s wide awake.

Got some shopping so probably going to eat all the snacks in one go.

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Found out my mum has to go for another blood test so now I’m very worried and trying to drink myself out of it

Anybody know of anything calming to listen to that might send me to sleep?

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Stars of the Lid


Hope your mum is OK xxxx


Making dinner, waiting for film club.

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Hope your mums good Bam, hope you are as well. Hugs from Glasgow


Pizza for tea. Got some sainsbos garlic and herb dip

  • It’ll be just like dommoes
  • It’ll be shit

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Yes, parsnip is asleep! My arm hurts now from stretching it out to hold his hand, why are elbow joints so rubbish?


This is excellent. Amazing how well you can tramp up distances when you are enjoying it.

Really should try and figure out how to sort out my disc brakes so I can get back out.

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Hope she nods off in time :crossed_fingers:

What snacks have you got?

I would recommend My Red Scare by Frankie Sparo. By the slow end of “The Night That We Stayed In” in always very calm and drowsy.

Got a Lebanese takeaway for dinner coming, I think Lebanese food makes for the most satisfying vegan food, we well as chinese food. With all that chickpea and tofu who needs meat and dairy


Fine I suppose. Bit boring really

Had dinner (egg and bean salad with rosemary focaccia). Watching labyrinth and some nice beers.

Hope you’re ok FL

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What have you ordered?

Cornflake cake bites is the main one I’ll be scoffing


just about to host a zoom quiz for some pals

so much quizzing these days