No evening thread yet? (Wednesday)

is that keir starmer?

sometimes we’re all keir starmer

american psycho beauty montage.mp4

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fucking crazy weird bird shouting in my garden tonight, can’t work out what kind it is


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if I had to type out the sound it’s like:

ack ack ack ack ack ack ack!


They rattle especially at night time

Definitely an eagle.

that’s very cool but not this one it’s more barky and aggressive sounding



nope neither of these either. I give up!



Night FL, lots of love :heart:

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maybe it was squirrels actually

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Just ate a 20 ounce porterhouse steak. ooofft


Yes please.

Need a lie down. :smile:

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gonna go eat 2 packets of worcestershire sauce flavour crisps! ooooft

crisps for days!

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Hi all.

From the cursed British Image no chat thread (fuck off @hip_young_gunslinger) so

Channel 5 stated that it had received 50 phonecalls relating to the programme, “evenly split” between appreciation and criticism, including a woman who held the programme responsible for curing her post-natal depression. The Independent Television Commission (ITC) declared that it had only received one complaint about the show.[5] This was from a viewer complaining that he could “do without Keith Chegwin prancing around”. An ITC spokesman said that there was no guideline against Keith Chegwin being on television, and that “Late-night nudity in a non-sexual context and in a programme that is well signposted may not be in breach of the programme codes.”[

:smiley: :smiley: