No evening thread yet?


just used my first hopper fare. to the supermarket and back for £.150. what a world!!

got myself a pizza.



Used it yesterday to stop off at M&S on my way back from Kings Cross. Spine-tingling stuff.


might hop on a bus to homerton and back to pick up some pancakes



hi epimer and etc.

(re)watching a couple episodes of Babylon.

eating potato bread because it’s so damn tasty.


just had my dinner/tea (keep skipping the meal you lot call lunch, need to do something about that)

it was a 3/10. had leftover roast veg (carrots, swede, parsnips, broccoli) with hot sauce, garlic and rosemary potatoes and an egg on top. overdid the egg. too many carrots, too much swede, everything else was too dry.

potatoes were great, though.


Didn’t go in to work today because I have a sore neck. Lol. Stayed in bed until 2pm and have been on the couch most of the day watching Master of None but not really enjoying it. Is there anything good on Netflix?

Need to make something to eat at some point. Kinda fancy some noodles with satay sauce, anyone got a good recipe?


just went for an hour long run in the rain


hi eric and etc

I’m going to eat some pie for dinner

only other things I’ve eaten today are donuts and biscuits


sounds like a good day


Ordered some Levi’s from Amazon for a suspiciously low price. We’ll see…

Listening to a lovely covers show on WFMU: It’s nearly finished but they archive everything if anyone fancies some great covers.

I need a smart-ish rucksack. My bright red Eastpak isn’t really gonna cut it.


As a man who takes the bus extremely often this can only be good news.
Probably nothing for dinner tbh, cba. Going to an old mates wedding this weekend and sorting out what I’m going to wear. Don’t really wanna go tbh, it’ll just be “Oh you’ve got a house and a kid and a good job you’re happy with great that’s lovely well my band’s maybe putting out a tape in six months haha oh you know me” x2000



pretty tired from getting repeatedly fucked by #the man tbh.

gonna have a beer and renew my black bloc membership.


That’s the Day of the Baphomets intro learned up until the first obnoxious fill, then (i.e. all the easy stuff). Going to go lift some things now.


you mean you can play that solo at the beginning? :open_mouth:


The easy stuff. Until juuuust about 32 seconds. Got that nasty little fill to do next. Then the proper, proper bullshit begins.


anglos a evening everyone

i’m a bit hungry and a bit cold and also feeling a bit under the weather.


Had dinner in the pub


Think I’ll have a cup of tea and maybe just go to bed.