No evening thread?

I’m pretty lonely guys, talk to me :slight_smile:

ah shit it’s Friday, everyone’s doing great stuff.

My bad, nevermind

I’m still sat in work for an hour bam so it’s not all glamour.
Productivity is basically nul, feels like somehow minus amounts though.
Are you drinking atm? If you are treat yourself to a nice ale.

nah I’m just having a zero calorie energy drink, need to get thin so a lady will love me.

Ey up Bam

I have no plans and am itching for a beer :disappointed:

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Hey bam!

For some reason we have dinner booked for 9:30 for my mother-in-law’s birthday. 9:30! This isn’t Spain ffs!


Best time to eat imhonesto

here’s some bam covers for anyone who missed them, I was proud of these two:


Just sat in the empty living room (at out old flat) which is now super reverby and harmonised along to Let Down. We sound great as a duo :grinning:


Let’s collaborate :slight_smile:

stuck at work, almost certainly not going to be home in time for masterchef :rage:

I know who wins! It’s Food Itself


Just got in from work. Having some laksa soup thing for tea.

Zero plans I can be bothered doing this weekend. But if I keep quiet no will remind of stuff that’s happening right?

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Cooking veggie Green Thai Curry and listening to Broken Social Scene. Got a few cracking :beer: lined up. Started with this lovely sour @Witches


Beers are flowing, burgers are coming (shortly)!

Have a good Friday night people of DiS!

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Thanks you too x

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Sure, I can play the, erm, laptop

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Evening. Discovered there is a Sam Smith’s pub just up the road from my flat so gonna pop in there for a couple.

You can sing the voice though!

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Got home this evening and the neighbour’s dog ran round the corner of my block of flats and launched itself at me. Still a bit on edge about that. :fearful:

Just watched the latest Veep, good stuff. Going out for beers in a mo with a work mate.