No evening thread?

We seem to be slacking a bit on the evening threads lately so I though I’d start my first ever one.

Bit of a miserable day today what with all the rain, but I cheered myself right up with a Charlie Bigham’s Tikka Masala. So so good, but I had to hold myself back from scoffing the entire thing.

How’s your day been, and what have you been indulging in?


Good evening :slight_smile:

Pretty rubbish, lunch time was nice, glad it’s the evening

Hmm… nothing…

Solid 3/10 but only half an hour left in work
Then I’m going to treat myself to some daft food somewhere in Camden and wait in the pub until the gal I’m seeing gets off work :3
Looking grim out though

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Treat yourself Matt, you deserve it on a day like today.


I’m off to a pub quiz in a minute, going to have to leave my minecraft masterpiece until tomorrow

Love a pub quiz! Have you got a good team name?

Walked home in the rain listening to noise music, was awesome. Literally soaked through now though. Got sausages and mash for tea. Get in.

nah we just come up with a different one each time.

I’ve put a bid on a record I’m after… :confused:

Probably gonna read and listen to the radio. :thumbsup:

Beer soon :slight_smile:


I’m at work until 8:30.

My director came round earlier commenting on how much it rained, literally telling me to the nearest mm, what the averages were and what was expected.

I just put on my random nodding technique with the random “really” and “interesting”. He didn’t get my sarcasm, so dull. But his a director so I can’t just say what I really think.

Shit I have beer in the fridge :open_mouth: :fireworks:

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Perfect comfort food after getting soaked! I never used to like sausage and mash but I’ve got really into it lately. Pie and mash too.

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Though left work early to go the barbers but he’s on holiday it seems. Annoying.

Got a beer as well!!!

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Just took the dog out and got utterly, utterly wet through. I think it might rain forever. I think I might go for a pint and then come home and watch The Exorcist. Doesn’t seem like a terrible idea, does it?

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:frowning: Is it proper bad out?

oh shit yeah. what channel?

Does feel like it will rain forever, but the forecast for tomorrow is :sunny:️. Does help that I need to go out for a run in a bit.