No evening thread?

Slashing it down, mert!

acestreaming it, probably SS1

Quite pleased with this insta i just done


Alright laefs? Really need to stop getting my haircut after work, nearly fell asleep in the chair :sleeping:

I’m 80% sure I saw Michael Fassbender coming out of Borough Wines round my ends just before I nipped in earlier.

I’m indulging in the new series of Your Face or Mine on Comedy Central.

Evening laelfy and co

Doing loads of packing tonight as I’m off to a conference for the next few days, then the day after I get back I’m flying to Switzerland for three weeks for work. Looking forward to a lie-in tomorrow as my train isn’t until midday :+1:

Sitting in the library, my feet are too warm… how inappropriate is it to remove shoes? Or at least loosen them?


Was it the head massage that did it? I hate the head massage.

Jealous. I’d love to go work in Switzerland, although I guess it’s probably not as glamorous as it seems.

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No head massage from my barber, I think it’s just popping my head forward and occasionally closing my eyes so I don’t get hair in them. So sleepy.

Yeah the reality is that I’m paying a stupid amount to rent a room in someone’s Airbnb flat because Geneva is ridic expensive, and I’ll be working “the night shift” which is supposed to involve translating urgent documents from 4pm until midnight but usually means twiddling my thumbs in an empty office until someone tells me to go home at 10.30 because everything gets written in English anyway. The last time I did this job my supervisor literally told me to bring a book. Easy money though!

It stills feels pretty cool that I get to travel for work sometimes though and the weather looks good at the moment so it should be alright.

hey up everyone.

hate rainy days at school - means wet play which means kids who are just crazy after lunch. I’m of the put on a coat and get out there opinion.

sorting out stuff for my 2(!) interviews on Friday

made a super HFW mushroom risionotto for tea, was lovely. Got a double decker for later and all!

Still sounds better than 9-5 in the uk. I’d love to work in europe for a year but I just don’t have the language skills.

Evenin team,
Got back earlier from a lovely time in Mallorca, could have happily stayed longer although I’m looking forward to getting back to work tomorrow.
Chilled evening ahead, some food and sofa

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Working abroad is only good so you can humblebag about it. For me i will just be in a grim office in france or germany instead of london and i really hate the faff of flying. Still, people go OOH SOUTH OF FRANCE!! LOVELY!!

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Yeah it’s a bit like that tbh. It’s nice to be an office bod for a few weeks for a change but it can get pretty lonely, especially as I’ll literally be the only person in my department in the office after 6pm. Can’t really complain too much as it’s good work and the Airbnb person seems nice enough.

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Just seen an urban fox in Glasgow, didn’t know this was a thing.

@urbanfox ?!?!

I see foxes all the time in our street, although we are right on the edge of the green belt so maybe they’re not all that urban.

I’m sorry, did you say you were looking forward to getting back to work tomorrow?

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I usually have a cup green tea after my dinner but have lately have switched to earl grey. Makes me feel quite the dandy.

Think he means looking forward to being on DiS all day.

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