No evening thread?!?!?!?

It’s 18:10!!!

Gotta work late so I’m not only gonna miss masterchef, but means that mexifeast has been put on the backburner again. Harumpf! Going to console myself with takeaway but not sure if

  • Wagsy’s Pad Thai
  • Diner Burrito
  • Mildred’s Teriyaki “chickn” burger
  • Pizza
  • shut up and/or go away, eric

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what bounce u eatin/doin/etcin huns?

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Man in this computer room is quizzing someone on prayers and I know all the answers :yum:

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Alright Eric. Had a total non event of a day. Did a hospital run to drop and pick up my wife, a mooch around town including a good coffee and a maccas lunch, a trip to take kiddo to the docs as she’s still under the weather and listening to Sun Kil Moon. Making some creamy mushroom bacon pasta thing, and going to pile it high with cheddar


Halloumi, roasted pepper and onion flatbreads with homemade tzatziki.

Trying to stay awake until a reasonable time / not fall asleep on the sofa.


Why can people on trains not respect the sanctity of the arm rest. I’ve gone from occupying my seat to huddling as close to the window as possible and I’ve still got an elbow in my hip.


Hello Eric. Late one at work today.

  • Leftover takeaway cuzza from last night for tea.
  • Listening to F#A#∞ thanks to the discussion in the AOTC thread.
  • Got to prepare a talk for Thursday. cba

mac cheese I think with some cabbage and carrots on the side, maybe broccoli instead of carrots.

wore shoes with them funny little socks today. might have to go to the tights tomorrow. ok autumn, i accept you…for now.


Pop socks?

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Got hockey training and then getting a 10pm flight to Bristol. Would like to be in bed by 1am but that might be wishful thinking. Had cod goujons and salad for dinner at 4pm in order to be ready for the fitness session :nauseated_face:

Evening, gonna cook a little aubergine curry.

I’ve fucked my wrist up by doing some sweeping yesterday. what the fuck, body? it hurts. can barely move it.


Eating: homemade wedges, fish burger.
Doing: job applications, listening to shouty hardcore.

welcome to oldness


Hi EricV, I hope you don’t have to work too late x

Eating - Day off so made a roast chicken dinner w/all the trimmings which we’ve just eaten. Will be sneaking into the kitchen to dip leftover roast pots in luke warm gravy in an hour or so.

Doing - been feeling really anxious and a bit sad all day so watching a Queer Eye now and trying to decide what heartwarming film to watch after to make me feel better.
Want a JVN hug tbh


A couple of years ago I tripped over in my living room; and broke my arm.

I didn’t trip over anything in particular, and didn’t land on anything awkward.

Broke my arm.



Trainer socks I guess but low ones so you can’t see them…

I’m listening to the Thom Yorke Desert Island Discs. It’s absolutely beautiful (surprisingly so tbh)

Having pre-curry tea and biscuits though.

Solo parenting and forgot to sort dinner. Gonna have to order pizza