No evening thread?!?!?!?

Love BFT


Just had a traditional Monday roast with some, but certainly not all of the trimmings. Was wonderful. We both agreed the potatoes were better than ther looked.

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Just had stir fry tofu rice with some hot sauce and chillis. Dead good

cheers dis



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I did some flooring last weekend and 48 hours later the aching was intense. Yesterday I did the skirting and I fear tomorrow…

Evening all

My dad wants to call me tonight. I’ve spoken to him once since his wedding three months ago :grimacing:

You can do this mate. DMs are open if you need x


Just sat on the sofa with the tightest chest worrying about not being able to support myself in ten years. It’s all just getting on top of me a bit.

Oh man, the pink colour I’ve painted the kitchen is vile. Was hoping it’d be like that pinky cement colour but no, it’s like granny pink. Awful awful awful. Stuck with it now.


You’re either in a Tory workhouse, Corbyn socialist utopia or an independent Wales. Whatever happens, you’ll have a roof over your head and some grey mulsh to enjoy.

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Bon soir,

Lasagne for dinner, no plans for the evening. What a great update, eh?

had a fuck off burger for lunch so lentils and salad for dinner.

gym before tho. my calves are ridiculously tight so have no idea how that’s gonna go.

Even in

So much anxiety today, mostly at not being able to cope with parenting stuff and then remembering that very soon I am going to have to apply for schools going in totally blind because the council still can’t give me a lousy flat so I don’t know which will be the local ones for where we end up.

Also finished up on my tonsillitis antibiotics but still have some white spots on my tonsils so I guess I have to call the docs again tomorrow.

Argh. Want a beer ro distract/de-stress but I drank yesterday and have an arbitrary rule to not drink consecutive days because I need to keep some control.

God, I whine so much.



I had some leftovers for dinner a couple of hours ago. Peckish again now tbh.

Was gonna catch a couple of films after being out with the horses today, but surprise surprise, that didn’t happen. There’s always tomorrow.

Fell off the horse today for the first time since I started back up. It was very undramatic and I only slightly bruised my ego as there were other people around. Kind of glad it happened though — just to remind myself that it’s not normally a big deal and it happens every so often.

Revised plan for tonight: Finish AHS Hotel and eat some ice cream; then bed.

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Of those options, definitely Toy Story 4.

If we’re widening it a teency bit, Coco, cos it’s beautiful and better than all those and made me cry <3 <3 <3


They just never look anything like the photos, I saw an amazing coral though…

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