No evening thread?

Shit has hit the fan here.

Daughter 1 went to the bathroom. Daughter 2 happened to be walking past; and heard Daughter 1 pretending to be a Masterchef judge whilst on the crapper.

All hell broke loose. I’m currently hiding in my bedroom.

How about your evenings?


How does that work?

For the FAO of @japes and other fellow mountain climbing enthusiasts, I climbed a very tall mountain today:

Will leave it to you to figure out what «moh» means


Just role playing / talking to herself. Whilst on the bog. I didn’t dare ask her which judge she was.


i made a garlic salad dressing but didn’t have lemons so used limes

not sure about it tbqh

I wish I had the energy to reach down and pick one of my magazines to read. Question is…

Cycling Weekly?
Guardian supplements or
Times supplements

was wondering why you didn’t take a picture of the view from the top but i think i might have figured out what 54 moh means


Got a text from my bank saying they’ve sent me a new debit card. Had a sudden “oh no” moment, and checked my banking app for a statement and yep, my registered address is my old one. Whoopsie doodles.
In my defence, I used to update my address with them whenever I moved because I’d loose my card every 2-4 months so would call them on the reg being like “hiya, me again, new one pleeeeease.” This is the first time I’ve had a card expire! Nail one part of being a sensible adult and fail at another. Pigs and troughs innit

just eaten waaay too much food. food coma imminent.


Watching A Woman Under The Influence. 1hr 50 in and I have had the Taking Back Sunder song ‘A Decade Under The Influence’ for about 1hr 48 of that time

Are you doing a bit :grin::grin::grin:

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I’m not entirely sure tbh tilts my love. I know it’s not quite right but… pigs do eat out of troughs. So

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Haha it amused me anyway. A kermitism!


Really should not have had a second cinnamon bun there. On pizza night.


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Evening all!

The first proper day of home nurserying has been OK - did some grocery shopping this morning and Wor Lass took her to the park for a bit while I pretended to work. The meeting I had after work was only mildly frustrating and possibly even vaguely useful so that was nice.

I had hotdogs for tea which were great but I feel a bit malnourished after having managed, maybe, three portions of fruit or veg today.

I’ve got a class to prepare for tomorrow afternoon that I can’t leave until the morning. I can’t leave the preparation until the morning. I definitely, absolutely can’t leave the preparation until the morning.

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I love this. Your daughter is a hero.

Shit day at work, but had a good run and a good dinner and Oxford are 3-0 up at half time so I’ll take it.

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Do you want two cinnamon buns?

actually yes please

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Alright, I’ll get you at Cambridge North