No evening thread?

Where’s my buns

Where you left them

I want buns

brilliant film

one of the best performances in film history from Gena Rowlands imo

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What’s this ‘solution’ thing in the bottom left hand corner of each post?

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you’re the OP so you get to choose a reply as being a ‘solution’


Has it been turned on for a reason?

for the banter

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I think we’re just testing it out… There have been a lot of new discourse features released today.

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I don’t think I’ve seen Slicky for a few days; I won’t @ her in case she is taking a break but slick if you do read this: have you watched the Pottery final? I’m not posting this in the pottery thread in case you haven’t and it spoilers it for you.

Not sure if being from a random small town compounds all the political anxieties and everything. Just feel like there’s even less I can do about anything than everyone else who feels like there’s almost nothing they can do about anything

Also I had some ice cream and a twirl

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Together? Barbaric!

I meant delicious

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Ground it all up in the ice cream like a ManchFlurry

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Watching the SUTC Bake off. Anyone who has seen Baddiel on Taskmaster has to be fearing for the safety of all in the tent.

Update: Anne Marie has just pulled the face Ed Gamble used to.

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For what it’s worth, I live in a pretty big city and don’t feel like I can do anything either.

It’s exactly what they want you to think - it’s much easier to govern a population who won’t hold them to account for anything because they feel alienated by the process/ their position.

Here’s Tom with the weather…


Literally this

I’ve only heard tell of his Taskmaster performance and it has me looking forward to when I get to that series

Just made a little under the cupboard hammock for fruit, made the holes too big, didn’t I?

I cant stop making things lately. I’ve seen people selling them for over £20 and it must cost about 50p to make, and takes about 15 mins for a beginner, probably 10 or less for someone experienced. Maybe I can earn my fortune by undercutting all the competition. Just need to sell 200,000 of them.


Made a mushroom and wild garlic risotto for dinner then read about the similarities between wild garlic and lily of the valley and am convinced I’ve poisoned myself. At least I’ll die the way I lived, full of rice.