No evening thread?

Sup folks?

I was just about to start one!

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We put in an application to foster cats between homes last Thursday. My partner is on the way to pick our first one up now. She got adopted and then taken back :cry: hope she’s nice. She looks cute.


Sup tilts, sup everyone else. Really long day today and got a two day work trip tomorrow. Gonna watch the final episode of The Good Place - am glad we persevered but I’ve watched better comedies. It was good in parts though - the core characters were all likeable in the end.

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Oh, i know someone who moved to Boston for a year and she left her cat with her tenants but its not going so well so is looking for a foster family. Not sure if she’ll be too troublesome for you though? She is a semi famous cat so you’d get loads of goss, once you learn to speak cat


Hello evening people

I had a 3 hour lie down while I would otherwise have been working so now I’m doing work stuff


Had a pretty awful work day and tomorrow is going to be worse by the sounds of things.

Just completed Tinykin, got a few things to go back in and do though. What a lovely game :pleading_face::blush:

Had toast for breakfast, crisps for lunch, rice for dinner. Mmmmmmalnutrition

It’s all via a charity so they have to match cats up with foster parents (based on needs, time, space requirements etc etc) while they get socialised, get their vaccines and so on. They have to be kept away from other cats too so we’re fully booked anyway!!

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G wants to post on here instead of reading before bed, she also said she’ll post on dis when she’s a grown up.

Not sure whether to be proud or horrified


Anyway, she says hello


Looking forward to the first cheekster / cheeky team meet in 2031 (I won’t be attending obvs)


Evening, made burritos of a sort. Ate too much

Really need to do the washing up

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Alright? Pasta for tea tonight.

Gona spend the rest of the night watching Ladhood then bed.


Yo yo yo hi from G ME
kit harington GIF by How To Train Your Dragon


I’m in an intensely bad mood this evening, mostly because of a few things at work. Also sucks that really-not-that-bad things at work have the capacity to really knock me sideways atm. Bah.

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Evening :wave:

Went to the newly refurbished Iceland Food Warehouse when Mr s_w got home from work cause he wanted Lorne sausage (and they are the only place around here who sell it). Ended up getting a load of stuff we dont really need but hey ho. Excited to try the Greggs bake at home cookies.

Now watching more Scream Queens!

Thought they were little buttered potatoes there and you know what, that’s not a bad idea.

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Pasta and just a bit of bread and butter? Youre always doing things i would never dream of doing


What does fostering cats involve, is it just a better way for them to be taken care of while full time owners are found?

Think I just agreed to get my friends old PS4 for £50, winter gaming plans sorted instantly

Having jackfruit tacos with one of a billion hot sauces we have, then maybe watching a not very good Kristen Stewart horror? Classic Tuesday