No evening thread?

Yeah exactly. Charities and rescue homes just don’t have the space. Lots of them just need socialising (ie getting used to humans) so being in a largely human environment but somewhere they can hang out without the stress of 20 other cats in cages + time is the idea.

Think they’ve given us an easy one as it’s our first time. They (previous owners) had her for 2 years but they’re moving and apparently unable to take her with them (cant imagine ever doing this but trying not to judge, no idea what people’s situations are)

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I’m catsitting for the next ten days :blush:



Also this :arrow_down_small:

In that… made all the parts… but then the tortilla was so full I couldn’t really wrap it up properly :upside_down_face:

Oh did I tell you that we’ll have two rabbits joining the CCB household from next Friday? I’m glad I built an enclosure the size of a London flat because they’re huge :smiley::rabbit::rabbit:


Hey up

Just took Billy over the field, he was very naughty trying to get to a on heat, literally pelting past me at top speed after her. Pfffft

Luckily didn’t get to her :grimacing:

Anyway bake off and cup of tea now.



Tired. Want to go to bed but got a shopping delivery coming between 10 and 11. Hurry up Jamie from Morrisons!

Looking forward to a lie-in in the morning.

Not been to the one by us for ages. Got a mooch around pencilled in for Thursday…


Bookmarked to demand photos on Friday.

Good luck!

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What kinda pasta is this?

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This was great. Hershey’s Cookies & Cream Ice Cream.


Last night in Mallorca. Can’t tell you just how much I don’t want to leave. Got a fuck tonne of work related headaches to get back to.
Anyhoo, I’ll worry about that tomorrow. Gonna go for stroll down the front and get a beer or two. :slightly_smiling_face::beers::es:


why is this cracking me up so much

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What’s a long running series that’s all available to stream on iplayer/netflix/prime or one of the 4od or itv services even.

I love having background TV on when I work, it doesn’t have to be good at all, prefer it not to be so I can just zone out and get work done.

I’d prefer it to be a sort of crime thing (have nearly got through all of silent witness now)

Big fan of this dinner

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Think all of Taggart is on the STV player

(108 episodes)



Wor Lass watched Bones for about six months solid while she was working this year - sort of CSI American thing with a man who was in something else.

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Aglio e oglio


Personal Shopper?

I don’t remember it being awful but also not that good?

Was really hoping you were just gonna reply ‘Spaghetti’


Looks lovely. God damn love pasta

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