No evening thread?

Cracker is on itv hub think

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Not been that long since i rewatched all that but noted for times i want to see the pevril

Bairns are in bed. Rewatching the first episode of the night of as i decided not to continue the first time i watched it.

Underwater, basically alien but … lower down

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It features briefly in

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Only 25 episodes, pathetic


Yeah 25 seasons is my bag pls

Would be good if all episodes of the news were on streaming platforms and you could watch them via a shuffle setting.


There’s also a one about mothers who become drug dealers featuring that Jessica woman with the red hair from Mad Men and Drive and Anne from Arrested Development.

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Did not sleep last night and I now feel like i will be unable to sleep tonight either. Feeling a bit rancid about everything as a result.

I’m really tired some I’m going to read some of my book and go to bed.

ooo only 18 episodes but keep thinking about this show lately

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Woo! Shopping man is here! Bedtime in mere minutes… :sleeping:

Ah hello insomnia my old friend

Confused Mental Health GIF by Lisa Vertudaches

We are drinking mezcal (me Coors chaser) and listening to Warren Zevon. I’ve had worse nights.