No Friday Evening Thread Evening


Is my hand near and small, or far away and large?


Love how your pint glass predicts the future



Got a guitar lesson soon that I can’t be arsed with but I feel a bit mean saying “sorry pal but I literally hate every piece of music you’ve given me to work on” after seeing the hurt in his eyes when I said I fucking hate Oasis.

In my defence, I really fucking hate Oasis.


Airport pint £7.50!


Quite drunk :+1:


If you’re getting lessons for the sort of stuff I think you’re probably having lessons for, the idea he suggested Oasis is very very bad and he deserved it.

I have had to leave the party due to family visiting reasons this weekend. Also cause I haven’t found it on a quick search The Walkmen - Heaven is incredible

Gonna cook up some brunch for dinner and drink some beer. Big day tomorrow, all day pub crawl in the big seaside resort of Worthing.

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Well in fairness I said I’m really bad at switching between chords smoothly so he’s been tailoring stuff towards that and strumming patterns etc, the kind of thing that don’t really transfer over from bass. But… Oasis. Chilis. Pink Floyd (for lead stuff). It’s killing me a little bit.

Good evening!
Last day of holiday, about to go a little wander and try to find these amazing pineapple sweets we were given as bar snacks yesterday. Mercadona didn’t have them, gonna go to check out the Hyper Dino. My idea of a banging Friday night!

Had a late lunch/early dinner. Really want to have some pudding from the all Inc buffet later but feeling pretty full right now. Will I manage to work up an appetite before it closes at 9?

  • I believe in you! :ice_cream::cake:
  • No way :no_entry_sign:

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Our bus transfer is picking us up at 6.58am tomorrow, what sort of time is that?!

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have some pasta cooking, got some garlic bread to go with it, not too shabby. feel really tired though, trying to decide whether to fall asleep, watch a film or fall asleep watching a film :thinking:

Slightly before 7am I think.


I get it a bit more now but it’s still definitely the stuff he recommends to literally everyone :smiley:
You should clarify nothing faster than 70 bpm and with at least 3 distortion pedals

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He said “oh I’m not really into overdrive and stuff” and I tried to block his view of my current signal chain of six gain pedals.

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This is going to sound like a complete nonsense but if you try literally any elliott smith songs with bass (if you can stand him), the man did 99 dimensional chord chess, it’s the real stuff


Oh did he now?


Inane things you wonder

@rich-t has anyone ever paid full price for a beauty advent calendar :joy:

In the bar by work waiting for my PS4 to update on the work internet (not had broadband at home for 2 months cos plus net suck) and having a few drinks with the tv.

What do you mean full price? The advertised £300?

We only sell it as an offer to buy it for £x when you spend £y, so no.

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wooo! Friday night, time to party!

How are you? Good to see you! Hi! OI OI! :kissing_heart: