No friday evening thread?

Evening all. Had just settled in for a relaxing night after a mad week to find out that my elderly grandmother has been taken to hospital for emergency surgery. Bit worried. Sure she’ll be right, she’s pretty nails.

What are you all up to? Distract me from my worry! Who’s had pizza tonight? I got a Sainsbury’s pepperoni but covered it in mushrooms and jalapenos.

Shit man, I’m sure she’ll be grand in no time.hope you and yours are all well!
Cooking loads of food and drinking a fuck tonne of wine is course of action tonight

Sorry to hear about your nan @83746725 ! Fingers crossed she’s okay :slight_smile:

I’m having a quiet one too but without pizza. Probably something pasta based…? Then I’m going to stick on a film or two. Hopefully there’s streams for Patterson available…

You’re a good egg LP. What’s on the wine list tonight?

Shit, no beers or alcohols. Off to the shop!

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What’s Patterson?

Hope yer nan is ok @83746725
Had a shit day at work. Cane home, had a nap, so.e fish finger sarnies. Now gone a watch the football.

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  • No wine

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Just some Rioja the night, got some amazing Bordeaux sitting there but I’ll save that for a night where we don’t both feel like we’ve been fuckimg hammering it the night before :slight_smile:

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Thanks mate. Still haven’t bought a reverb pedal; must get on that. Saw Low earlier this week and feeling the need for a Zvex Octane 3. I had one years ago and should have definitely not sold it.

Hope your nan pulls through.

I’m at me mams, having a chinese

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Chicken balls?

Hope your Gran is okay @83746725! It’s always scary when that stuff happens and I hope she pulls through!

I’m drinking grapefruit beer, compiling my gigs of the year (@Lo-Pan, including a Glaswegian band!), checking out a new rehearsal space after 20:00 and only then will I get to go and see the mighy Rusangano Family for the eight time this year.

Check out this video from earlier is year. Look at their energy! Brilliant performers.

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Wine like fuck ma man

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Sweet, sounds like a good night paisan.
What Glasgow band?

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Magic Rock High Wire?

Evening @83746725 and everyone!

Ah I’m so sorry to hear about your grandmother :slight_frown: hope she’s okay.

After eating some left over Wahaca I’ve just sat down to Bone Tomahawk with a bottle of Sauvignon Blanc, two seconds in I go to switch off the lights, I turn around and the first scene made me scream out loud, it wasn’t even anything particularly bad. I’m a seasoned horror fan me :slight_smile:

Hope you enjoy your evening and your pimped up pizza!! All pizzas need a bit of pimping in my opinion.


Ding, ding, ding! Love this stuff.


Join me and watch Bone Tomahawk! DO IT!!

Salty Kiss is the business too. omnomnom.

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Waiting v impatiently for pizzas to arrive. Prob watch some tv bullshit and go to bed with a book at 9:30. #geezerlife