No friday evening thread?


Hah, good guess. There’s a BrewDog (boo, hiss etc) grapefruit one that’s quite pleasant too. Magic Rock make fucking great beer.


Joyce Delaney! Saw 'em in Sheffield earlier this year and loved 'em.


Chinese takeaway tonight. Watching the missing and drinking red wine. Niccceeee


Saw it in the offie and was intrigued but didn’t pick it up. That’s for tomorrow night so!


The new Jim Jarmusch film (spelt incorrectly - thanks autocorrect!)


Elvis Juice! Got it last week so got this to compare. Unsure at the mo’, might just have to drink moooooooore.


Just picked up a Bordeaux :slight_smile:


Yep, it’s a landslide. Got some monster munch too :smile: cos I’m classy like that :blush:


That’s the one. I’ve got this damn tasty Omnipollo X Buxton Lemon Meringue Ice Cream Pie thing. Delicious sour.


I gotta cook first!! But I’m open to suggestions. Whatsit about?


OOOOOOOOOOOOOOFT. Must look for that here.


Housemate is away for the evening. Drinking wine, cooking chicken and potatoes.


Zvex be mad $$$ but still so good.
Made a wooly mammoth and super hard on, both great fun and pretty simple. Think a reverb is out of my league to build though :confused:



They’re way expensive to buy here in sterling - I used to buy them in the Harmony Central FX forum classified ads, folks were selling them in dollars so at the time I was getting them all for around £100 each. Had all sorts - Fuzz Factory, Wah Probe (superb), Octane 3, Seek Wah, Seek-trem…


sour ye say?!?! Gimme!! I’ve been wanting to try that one, I haven’t seen it anywhere :frowning:


Where are you based?


Edinburgh :slight_smile:


Sees that Kurt Russell AND Patrick Wilson are in it … Sold :grinning:


Haha I know!! Love them both so much!!