No Friday lunch thread?

Treating myself to bombay burrito’s burrito and a beer deal but gonna keep the beer back and drink it on the way to tonight’s meat, not just a hat rack my friends.

What’re you on with?

I need to go out to get food but the quiz is on so :woman_shrugging:

I know! I’ve normally lunched by now and forgot the quiz was on :grimacing: (this would never have happened during one of your AQOS weeks you understand).

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Put some crisps in my sandwich

(this is my last resort)


That sweet, sweet mouthfeel :heart_eyes:

I had a saag aloo pastry (6/10), veg samosa (7/10), a bowl of tomato and basil soup (8/10), and two rolls (bread/10)


Sounds like somebody got paid today £££

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Pizza and 3 whiskeys


You know it, no more walking from Acton for Ruffers.


had a pizza from sainsburys.


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Meh pizza is hard to come by m9, what was up with it?

crust was pretty much bread. toppings were of exceptionally low quality.

still pizza tho I guess.

Missed breakfast so went to Leon to pig out

Christmas wrap
Vegan Christmas Wrap
Baked Fries
Chick and chorizo pot thingy
Coffee w/ splash of coconut milk

Current productivity level: 1/10



funny story: got sent out for work, got about two bites in and got called back. had to inhale it ffs. not happy.

which type of samosa was it?




i am falling asleep here

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Somewhere between the two but larger, very crunchy and slightly green pastry, from this market in Acton outside the big Morrissons (given away with the saag thing tbf)
Actually closer to B at least in shape

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I’m out for dinner later so just gonna have beans on toast with garlicy mushrooms for lunch :heart:

It’s fish and chips day in the canteen, so obviously I had the chili sin carne, tiny bit of baked beans on the side because they looked good, three (3) chips and one (one) pickled onion.

I don’t think I can get through a friday without seeing some mustard fish and chips, don’t let me down @Petagno