No Friday Thread Friday.

We appear to have forgotten to make a Friday thread.

Back to work for me today. Got a training thing this afternoon and a fuck load of coding to do.

Supposed to be taking Mrs Z to see Tim Minchin tonight, but she’s feeling sick so may not.

Morning Col.

It’s frosty here. Nice and crisp.

Hope you manage to get to see Mr Michin.

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Back to work today too after 9 days. Not very happy about it.

I’m tired, maaaaaaaaaan

Deerhunter were so good

Then I got really miserable but sleep seems to have knocked some sense into me

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Going to Liverpool to see some art.

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Got the day off as friends are staying over, them having been in the US for 2 months. Trying to figure out the naffest/best British meal possible to feed them with.

Mushy pea sandwich?

Driving back from our week in Northumberland. Baby shat herself as soon as we set off. And then again an hour later. Swear she stores up her poos until we get in the car as some kind of dirty protest against the car seat.


The drive in was beautiful this morning. Crisp frost and low mist. Love that

Kiddo slept through (hooray), but still isn’t well, so we’re off to the docs this afternoon. Weekend off, so a relaxing few beers tonight and a brunch dinner (avo, poached eggs, mushrooms and tomatoes on bagels). Seeing some ATDs for a pub crawl round Worthing tomorrow. Really looking forward to that. Haven’t seen some of them for 3 months.

I suspect she’ll tell me to see if anyone else wants to go with me. Just gotta wait and see.

Yes. And yes.

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Hey everyone

did we have a filth thread yesterday?! I actually did some work…

anyway if not I propose that this thread be full of chat about dicks and stuff

Hey Tim

Hey , Rich!

Superstar DJs
And here we go!


So, probably time to tell you what happened yesterday.

Landlord and letting agent arrived just before their allotted time. Their arrival was illegal, as they had niether a order for eviction nor are sherriff officers. So far, so illegal. But maybe not criminal. My wife called the police and told them what was happening. They then banged the door, and tired the door handle. So far so illegal, but maybe criminal, not sure. Grey area.

Then they tried their emergency set of keys in the front door. Luckily, we’d had the foresight to leave our keys in the lock. So far definitely illegal, now defintely criminal, in breach of the Rent 1984 (Scotland) Act and the Private Residentail Tenancy (Scotland) 2016 Act.

Then he climbed our side gate, unlocked the gate, and went to the back door and tried it, also trying an emergency key. We called the police back when this escalated. They were on their way.

They then stood outside for several minutes while my wife took photos. They then spotted her, started laughing, and sent mocking texts to us about “being childish” and “hiding” - we can’t hide in our own home, natch.

After this, they let an incriminating voicemail admitting illegality and their attempt to gain access to the property (also throwing in “you don’t own the house, I do” and “you’ve changed the locks” and the kicker “you’re in breach of tenancy by showing political leanings in the window” (we have a Yes poster up) and yeah, generally not good.

They left two minutes before the police arrived. Statements were taken and they spoke to him, and agreed he’d stop contacting us without a third party.

But they left ignoring the criminality, in my view, using his excuses as mitigation, so now going to get advice from Shelter about how to proceed, as the stress was high and the scare that oth could have came into the house with our kid in there is massive, and I don’t think her should “get away” with it, if you know what I mean.

Jesus Christ - hope you and your wife are OK. So plainly illegal, and so cruel. Hope Shelter have good advice on how to proceed, and if you have to involve the police in future that they take your case seriously. Thoughts are with you! :fist:


That’s awful. Really hope those pricks, especially the landlord, get what’s coming to them.

Hope you and the family aren’t shaken up x


Shelter have been beyond incredible. Seriously, what an amazing charity. Will be doing a huge donation later on to support them.


Don’t want to be in stupid work. Want to be at home, working on my stupid track for my stupid thread

Stupid capitalism.