No Friday Thread Friday.

No idea WTF has happened with this hot water bottle but that circle seems to be completely fused inside it.

I’m doing that tomorrow! First time in a very long time.

This is really awful behaviour. I’m so sorry you and your family are being put through this.

Are you in Scotland these days? If so can I also suggest Living Rent - they’re a tenants union (all types of tenants) and you should absolutely let them know that the agency is involved in this - I think they keep a shitlist of companies that engage in this kind of behaviour (and I’ve seen them organise pickets outside shops before)


Guess who’s back
Back again

9:35 and I’m wfh and I’ve yet to log on, good stuff


Yeah, Glasgow. I was wondering if there was something along these lines, ta for the link

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Good morning,
Last day of holiday :sob:
Got to go down to the gym at some point and pay €5 for the one day we went which is going to be well embarrassing cos when he asked us, on Monday, how many days we intended to come I said “every day!” …and we’ve not been back since.
Really looking forward to eating healthily and doing exercise again next week.

Plan for today - Swim and finish crappy thriller.
Try not to meet any more Tories.


I saw him last night and really didn’t enjoy the show. The first half was fun but the last was just a downer.
Sell your tickets and spend the cash on something good.


that sounds awful, sorry man.

Off to the pokémon centre, aren’t I. Bit nervous about them accepting my disability proof to get in the disabled queue, even though what I have should be more than enough. The very excellent and wonderful @anon76851889 gave me a proper detailed report from has visit so I am considerably less nervous about all the unfamiliarity.

Nice to have a day out, even though the spending money is a bit reckless for me rn :confused:


You sound like you have been incredibly strong dealing with all this and standing firm with your rights, that is really commendable :fist:

Attempted home invasions are so fucking scary, especially with your child there (I know from experience, though very different circumstances).


Not much to offer so sending :heart:

Hope you are ok - landlords are the fucking worst.

Have fun!

(I for one wouldn’t begrudge you making an application to the rainy day fund to go towards today, esp given the amount you’ve raised via the raffle)


This is appalling. Also I think I missed the backstory… Why are they doing this???

There’s some stuff in the landlords are shits thread with a chunk of background.

Oh no, I couldn’t use the fund just for personal indulgence, even with all the extra money there’s going to be better places for it to go than me getting a big cuddly Wailord or some such similar thing.


(Totally understand what you’re saying… absolutely your call innit!)


I mean, it is a self-care thing, but still…

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Morning all.

It’s Friday! At chuffing last! I’m looking forward to the weekend - I could do with catching up on a bit of sleep, because every night this week has been broken. Bleurgh.

Proper cold ride in this morning: 2 pairs of socks day.

wo, didn’t know you were epimer’s da

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