No iPhone X thread yet?


I’ll be getting one. Looks lovely. Bit concerned about facial recognition and my beard

iPhone 8 looks a bit pointless


You should probably get a £400 phone instead and give £600 to charity.

(trying to get in with the hottest take early)


Imagine spending a grand on a phone


just a phone. who cares.

£1000 and it’s basically the same as the old one.


I got a moto g 4 plus the other week, even that’s a bit more than I need probably. I spent ages researching it all and in the end I don’t think it’s made much difference, any phone probably would’ve done the job. It’s got a big screen though. I doubt I’ll get the iphone, what is the deal with it?


does the screen still smash to pieces of if you breathe on it too hard?


a grand !?!?!?!?!?



Shit for cunts


Ever held a baby iPhone X?


It’s expensive but it’s the thing I use most in my life I reckon


A fucking grand mind, have an absolute word you donkeys


Updated camera specs seem nice but the animated emojis look stupid as hell. Might get one in about 5 years?


imagine dropping it.

oops. just smashed one thousand pounds. oh well.

oops. just left one thousand pounds in a taxi. oh well.

oops. just paid one thousand pounds for a phone that is the exact same as the phone i already own and there’s now a new one 3 months later which is the exact same as both of them except it’s now two thousand pounds. wish i’d bought that one.


Too expensive but will probably end up getting one when the price drops.

Facial recognition emojis might be the most pointless idea I have ever heard but I also really want to try it.


O2 repair it for free now


Looks really ugly. Nowhere near as sleek as the S8, Note 8 or LG V30.


Social media feeds full of people gushing about it last night. I’ve now unfollowed all these people.


People should stop getting new phones all the time.


Here’s an interesting #hottake