No iPhone X thread yet?


Animoji. Jesus wept.


People still buy iPhones?


Don’t think he’s one of the available ones at launch


I’ll cut your hands off and we’ll see. :wink:

Don’t let anyone shame you for spending cash on tech you love, frankly.

I’m amazed this still has the lightning connector. Presumed the advent of wireless charging would mean they’d dump that port too and fuck up everyone who used it for headphones.


At the risk of calling down total death to my phone, some of us just don’t tend to smash our phones.


Facial recognition technology is really sinister and developers have a duty to not develop things that will be so easily abused


Is wireless charging where it sits on some surface which charges it? That seems worse than normal charging, if you can’t pick it up and use it while it charges.


what about all those people with an evil twin? they haven’t thought this through


I couldn’t possibly survive without internet maps because I can’t read signs or remember basic instructions!!11


It is that yes. I am not really sold on the notion but I have heard it’s very fast. I mean I am a big fan of my OnePlus 3 for its fast charging so I suppose if it only takes 40 mins to fully charge or something maybe that downside’s okay?


It will absolutely be abused.

“Please look at screen to resume ad”


This is quite a stupid sentence in my opinion


Well nobody asked for your fucking opinion!


I did.


Saw a tweet earlier about how police will now be able to get access to people’s phones by just holding it up to their faces now, so feasible to see deletion of evidence etc as a result.


Sorry for saying that.


Oh fair enough


well that’s already why you’re advised not to use fingerprint access for your phone.


Big Bantpocalypsenow, more like
(People who pretend smartphones are essential are fucking idiots, though)


Got a newish iPhone and it’s nice to have fast and swish technology really. But can’t imagine ever getting the absolute latest-latest thing on launch and paying that kind of price for a handset or full-price contract.

Always kind’ve exciting to see the kind of technology that will eventually be very affordable and widely-accessible in 5-10 years. How I view them iPad pros.

Facial recognition stuff is obviously inherently creepy and seems like an unnecessary gimmicky use of unbelievable technology to replace what is already essentially the easiest thing in the world, with just using your thumb(/print).