No iPhone X thread yet?


There is a fucking enormous middle ground between a thing being essential and a thing not being extremely useful


I know! Don’t blame me, blame the overzealous Apple cunts!



I have to spend an uncomfortably large amount of time with my wife’s friend’s husband who is one of those Apple people. You know - gets the new one every time it comes out and then next time you see him he spends ages talking about why each modification, no matter how trivial, is really important. He’s really excited about this one. Wasn’t so fussed about the iPhone 7 but this one he’s very excited about.

Marriage eh.


So are people who use strawmen to frame their arguments. :wink:


This isn’t even about farming man (I wasn’t being entirely serious at any point here pal)



It’s a grand for the screen, depends how much you need an OLED in your life and if you’d be whilling to wait a couple of years for every phone to have one. Literally the only reason its a Grand is to stop so many people buying them so the screens can be produced at a rate that meets demand.

OLEDS looks great, and save battery, but every phone and it’s dog will have one next generation… some already do and are cheaper.


Oh wait I’ve just realised you’re all getting itchy because you actually have one :full_moon_with_face:


Probably a winky smiley in there for some reason but I can’t quite put my finger on it.


I do do this an awful lot you know. Saying “MAWIDGE” in Peter Cook style.


Technically it’s not a grand it’s only whatever extra it costs over the iPhone 8Plus, which is about £150 or something?


I believe it’s a generational thing.


To me, smartphones are pretty much generic tech now. Like laptops, if you’ve got a particular special need that requires a lot of power etc, by all means buy a top end one. If you’re surfing the Web and using WhatsApp and tinder, you’re an absolute mug if you spend a grand on a phone.


yeah i’ve only smashed mine once which is astonishing for someone so clumsy.


They do? I smashed mine the other night.


Pretty sure I did it to my wife at the (civil ceremony equivalent of the) altar to my wife on our wedding day. Fucking out of control me.


My 6s is holding up fine, but it will gradually lose value so I’ll probably sell it and put the money into an upgrade before it becomes totally worthless. £1000 can fuck right off, though.


next laptop i get won’t be an apple. ditto phone and tablet. done with them shitcunts


£1000. Deary me. Look forward to fixing loads of app designs that no longer work cos of those rounded corners and that swipe up thing at the bottom.