No iPhone X thread yet?


i tend to just buy the generation before, will probably get a 7 when the price comes down. can’t justify the cost considering how incremental the updates are. I have a 5S atm and it’s fine.


Are you sure you don’t want to give them your face data forever first?


i will separately be sending them photographs of my face


I think the fact you had an altar to your wife at your wedding shows you were already in some crazy shit.

(My wife’s sister did it for us at our ‘not wedding’ celebration where she was the fake Celebrant, in Australia after the main one here.)



Let’s be honest, though, there actually aren’t any decent Android tablets. When will OnePlus get into that market?


That face ID thing is so unappealing. I hate looking at my hideous face. Don’t want to do it every time I want to use my phone.


my wife is now kinda screwed. her whole family use iphones for facetiming and that, and she needs a headphone port. and she has an phone 6s the now.

it’s quite mad innit. the wee notch out of the top screen is pretty funny.


Still can’t quite believe there’s no Instagram for iPad. That company must be in some kind of world of cuntiness of their own design.


I always read this to the tune of Cool For Cats by Squeeze

It’s not like that on the TV when it’s shit for cunts, it’s shit for cu-u-u-unts


They still have the Lightning connector on these so you can connect headphones to that. It’s definitely an inelegant solution but my mate uses it and it works. Luckily iPads seem to still use 3.5mm jacks… :frowning:


Providing you aren’t charging the phone :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Surfaces are ok aren’t they?



I don’t think ditching the 3.5mm port was a good idea. Equally I imagine the majority of users won’t be too affected.


also what cunts are going to correct folk when your in an apple shop and you say “I want the iphone X” and they say “nonononono the X means ten, honest!”


I dunno. They’re Windows though which means a massive hole in the apps because there is no Google suite.

I mean clearly a Surface Pro is a beast and a pinnacle of the tablet world or Apple wouldn’t have aped it with the iPad Pro + Pen dynamic, but that’s a full PC. I’ve not looked at the tablet ones.


Ha, I did wonder about that name choice. Seems weird, doesn’t it? Does this mean they only expect to have one more conventional iPhone at version 9 and then they’ll be iPhone X{number} forever more?

Actually looking at the iPad naming it’ll probably be the New iPhone X rather than X2.


your face is now your password
your mum is now your password


:apple: love doing that, think Logic Pro was up to version 11 before it became logic x, iMovie too I think


No wait it was just imovie