No iPhone X thread yet?


I cannot fathom why Google haven’t remade a modern Nexus 7 and why no one else has tried. It was quite literally perfect in every single way at the time.


Protip: after you’ve used it, put it back down


with touch-id on my iPhone you can see every password saved on my phone, and saved on my computer as its all synced (which is generally pretty useful), feels bit insecure if a thief/police officer could get to that just by waving the phone in front of your coupon






I presume the margins must be much smaller for phones when you don’t shift the units with contracts that Apple do.


I personally am not too impressed. They are always just catching up in hardware then offer more integrated uses with their software. iPhone X is cool but I’m still gonna wait for the pixel 2 xl.




I look forward to getting one for “free” in about 2021 when I mindlessly go into Three and agree to another two years.




settle down, rupert grint


Grint wishes he was as punk as me m8.


iPhone thread = numbers :sunglasses:




you can get a splitter to charge and use headphones at the same time.

i get annoyed by not having having a separate headphone port on my 7 and always having to keep track of my dongle (banned act), but I’m also going to get some wireless over-ear headphones in the near future which should solve that problem. I have a 6S work iphone that I have spotify on so I just plug into that if my personal phone needs a charge.


I assume these wireless headphones of Apple work very well. I have a bluetooth speaker and the slight lag is noticeable if I try to watch video while using it in BT mode (it has a cable too). Could just be that Android/PC is slightly worse than Apple’s BT, though.


When they stop making ones with headphone sockets that is when I will be free of :apple: 's thrall. Just too many complications, dongle or keeping earphones charged, for no real benefit


Also weird how they sold it as a new feature when previous iPhones already supported wireless earphones, they literally just removed a feature and made out it was a selling point, phone had the same form factor and everything


Noticed the touchid on my phone has been a bit tricky today, planned obsolescence no doubt


Just pre-ordered.

Anyone else done it and already regretting it :grinning:


definitely ^this