No monday evening thread tonight?!?!


Working late, on a monday of all days. Then tonight I have to run home coz I’ve been neglecting my fitness stuff lately. When I get home I’ll probably have some cold leftovers and watch masterchef. Dear lord, what a sad little life.

PLEASE tell me that your evening will be better than mine?!


I quit my job 2 months ago

I worked out my notice and finished today

Now I’m unemployed

Oh no

That’s my evening sorted (creeping dread)

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I could still taste my tea (thank the lord) so just demolished loads of halloumi. Otherwise am now locked in the spare room until further notice. Might have to… yknow… watch Only Connect without my darling partner :wink:


Gws Tuna

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Have you anything on the horizon or are you wanting some time off?

(I hope you don’t mind me asking and of course feel free not to reply and tell me to mind my own business.)

Thanks BITT. Hope your dread subsides soon (unless that’s the sound of your new music)

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Exhausted. Turns out two job interviews in a day is quite tiring. Who knew.

Want to play computer games but might be too tired. Let’s find out.



Thank god someone cracked.

Really love that Dr Seuss short story about the green trousers. Just read that twice in a row doing bedtime.

Going to have gnocchi for dinner then not finish applying for the job I was going to as I’ve lost confidence in being able to blag my knowledge gaps, and it’d mean moving to London anyway, but would’ve been nice to get an interview at least and maybe use it to prove I was worth more (it’s double my salary).

Fed up of being an adult now.

I am too unwell to go to The Gig. Playing Assassins Creed and watching junk on YouTube, trying not to feel too miserable

We’ve got a mound y’know :slightly_smiling_face:


I’ve been offered (and accepted) a consultancy contract until the end of the year. It’s about 4/5ths of the money for 1/5th of the hours. Except I can’t do anything worth doing while working only one day a week & that’s gonna mean full-time anxiety

Plus, after a two-hour ’final meeting’ with my boss …well, they have no idea what they’re doing

So, the economic anxiety is not the immediate problem, more the ’ok, what the fuck am I doing with my life now?’

I’ve got a cold and feel shite

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Been watching Wheel of Time red carpet stuff on youtube and had a courgette carbonara.

If it was guaranteed to be there forever I’d obviously be there in an instant but imagine if it comes to Manchester just as I come to London. I’d never get over it.

I hope things go well and things are on your terms.

All the best.

That’s an all time favourite, such a joy to read and what a brilliant moral and lesson about fear

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I haven’t seen it myself yet but I hope it gets moved to Manchester.

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Would quite like a new job. Apart from that, listening to music and worrying about the million things I’m worrying about atm.


I’m waiting for a box of light bulbs to arrive from Amazon currently but will probably head out soon for a gig before they do.

I apologise in advance as I do realise these are extremely first world issues.