No monday evening thread tonight?!?!

I went to this internal workshop about applying for jobs once, and the recruitment person running it asked all the women in the room, if you were looking at a job, how many of the essential criteria would you feel you had to have before you would apply? And the women said all of them. And then she told us that men will apply for stuff if they only meet 60% of the criteria.

So I hope that helps you to worry less about a few knowledge gaps. You’re clearly hugely undervalued where you are and even if you don’t have all the knowledge this job thinks they want, you might have other skills and knowledge that they haven’t even thought about and will knock the socks off all the other applicants.


You’re the best, any employer would be a mug to let your skills, talents, knowledge & engagement slip through their fingers

Love you :heart:


Double cream lasts for ages even after it’s been opened

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I’ve done the washing up. I’ve put the bins out. I’m having a 0% beer.

I didn’t get a flu jab earlier because they only had stocks for over 50s. It’s been a long long time since I’ve been too young for something.

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I enjoyed the novelty of being carded at Sainsbury’s last year as I was wearing a mask and buying booze.

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Get the application done yo, you’ll feel better and you are WORTH IT.

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Kids bedtime is a disaster rn. Gonna be eating at 9.30 again which is…shit.

House needs a tidy. Gonna listen to the hold steady I think.

If it helps, then do the swooshy hair advert thing as you submit the application.

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I started the evening feeling really productive but now feel really lazy and crap again! I was trying to avoid being on a screen this evening but here we are…

I’m thinking of buying this record player thanks to the government giving me £100 for free

Any objections?


Very sound choice imo. Have mentioned this before but from budget to audiophile, audio technica have completely raised the bar on cartridges - no sibilance, amazing tracking.


Had the ol’ Brian Harvey Special for tea now watching some Seinfeld before an early night. That’s all I’ve got I’m afraid

these pretzels are makin’ me thirsty


Mrs CCB made some fruit loaf a couple of weeks back and we just remembered there’s some in the freezer :yum:

Please apply for things.

If you don’t get an interview, you know you weren’t happy with your application. You can improve that next time.

If you do get an interview, it’ll do wonders for your confidence.

If you get the job, you can start building a hobbit hole inside The Mound.

Edit - @froglet has written excellent advice - please listen to her.


I may actually get a more expensive one because I have a major dislike of automatic turntables :grimacing: so this one it may end up being:

I got done for the first time in years a couple of months back. Didn’t have my wallet with me either so that was no booze for me.

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@Slicky !!!

Has your green velvet dress arrived yet? What do you think?

Mine arrived and it fits better than I thought it would! This is a disaster, I was fully prepared to return it. :laughing:


Came today! Not tried it on yet…will do and report back (tomorrow I think)

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Which episode of Seinfeld was it?

Was it indeed the pretzels one?

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I’m still jealous of your kebab last Friday. My gig last Friday was excellent and didn’t leave early for my German Doner Kebab box.

I’m at the same venue currently. Earlier start time…fingers crossed for a kebab tonight.

Let’s all do this quiz.