No Monday evening thread yet?

S’pose old Muggins here will have to produce one.

How are you all? Good days? Plans for the evening? You’re a good bunch x


Hello ccb, I was just making an evening thread but was being too slow.

How are you?

Shit day here, but hopefully a better evening with the Japes Special Edition of DiS Film Club. Also cookies. And I most definitely am not honouring dry Monday.


evening all :wave:

OK day, don’t work Mondays any more which is nice as I get a three day weekend every week but just shifts Sunday dread to Monday dread, and Tuesdays feel weird. walked down to the shops, posted some stuff, did some exercise, did some admin, OK day/10

had a pizza for dinner. was a big one so obviously we decided to have garlic bread with it. and obviously when my wife gave up after a couple of slices I finished off her bit as well. wonder if it’s possible to simply explode due to massive pizza intake?

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need to do a supermarket sprint for dinner. no idea what to get so will probs grab the first thing i see.

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I’m okay thanks. My mood is pretty up-and-down at the moment so I feel like I’ve been a bit gloomy on here. Had a nice chat about Elliott Smith with @Bamnan and others, which I really enjoyed.


Mmm pizza

I think you’re unlikely to explode, but you might need an extra pillow to prop you up later

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Only just finished work, admittedly didn’t start properly until 3 or so but I still feel cheated.

Got some takeaway leftovers to heat up tonight, no big plans otherwise. Also thoroughly enjoyed talking about excellent Elliott Smith with some excellent people over in the hinterlands of the music board.

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Looking forward to properly reading that thread later :+1:


First day of a week off. Got some paint for the living area of the kitchen (@witches it’s WELL good). Making ceviche. Spoke to my folks. Wild new guitar pedal arriving tomorrow.


Takes 20-30 replies to get going but yeah it’s a good read.

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Enjoyed you fighting the good fight in there.

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Tell you what you can’t buy for love nor money* at the moment: kids’ poster paint. I presume it’s just because every home in the country now has its own art cupboard, and presumably the world has run out of colour.

* well, you can, but it’s a rip-off compared with Wilko

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Have you tried The Works?

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Not sure why it’s rotated like that :man_shrugging:

Anti gravity cat!

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Having the same as I had for lunch (spaghetti), simply because I can’t be arsed decanting half the other leftovers into a bowl. Even though this means I will have to do it tomorrow lunch and will probably need up having the same for lunch and tea tomorrow. Lazy and shortsighted.

what pedal are you getting??

One I had never heard of until the night I bought it. One of these:


very tasty!

Hope it’s worth the asking price.

Need to get rid of a few more of mine at some point