No Monday thread?

Are people pretending it doesn’t exist?

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Hi all! I had really horrid dreams so kinda want to forget about them quick. Nice thoughts appreciated!


I was going to start one but I didn’t have anything chirpy to say, sorry.

My dreams were all Detective Pikachu-themed and also a bit much. Annoying.


It’s ok everyone, I’m wearing my Breakfast Socks™


Off to Birmingham. Downloaded the last Game of Thrones to watch after work, deleted twitter off my phone so I don’t idly open it and get spoiled. Probs gonna go see Avengers again tonight as well, the Cineworld there has it in 2D IMAX (love IMAX, hate 3D).

Listening to a bit of Sidney Gish before I go out, remembered I’m seeing her in a few weeks :smiley:

That’s all I got.


Morning folks. Off to work shortly, but going to get on the scales first and see if my week of actually trying to be good has paid off. If not then I’ll probably order a giant fry up as soon as I get to work.

Woke up with massive dread this morning. Had a pretty stressful dream where I was involved in some kind of mission that involved diving, and the battery on my watch which had the controls for everything died part way through.

Deadline for something that is very unfinished (mostly because people are not responding to my messages), so about to get criticised for that I think.

Tried doing interview answers last night, and ended up with a list of about thirty possible questions. I can’t memorise thirty answers. Also probably shouldn’t have included ‘local authority’ in the search as all the comments are ‘lol, an internal applicant already has the job, sorry’.


That’s a very good anxiety dream. When is the interview?

I have a telephone interview with a big pharma company later so that’ll be fun and will inevitably go really well. Yaay.

Fuckibg scared of using the Internet today.

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Oh shit yeah, gonna absolutely avoid every other site except this one I think


I also had a dream where I was diving last night.

(And one where I had to do grade 6 music theory exam and couldn’t remember what it covered)


On that note, I saw this lovely terrarium earlier.


Tomorrow afternoon. Work in the morning, but have a couple of hours in between.

Morning TAWM and everyone,

I’m in the bad dream crew too. First I had an impossible task at work and then there was some kind of serial killer thing. Woke up. Then I had a dream about a charity bake sale, yay! I made a moist and delicious lemon cake and ate some chocolate and nut brownies someone else made. Tasty times. Until, this dream turned into the final episode of GoT (haven’t watched it yet so no spoilers in the following ramble) which began horrifyingly with some fighting and death and ended in it turning out all GoT characters were people throughout history or Disney characters, reincarnated but also the white walkers are back and there’s no hope but also here’s a cheesey ending with a portrait changing faces.

Obviously, I really want to bake a lemon cake now…:drooling_face:

Have a good day, friends x


that’s the spirit!

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alright Sansa


Lost 3lb, no bacon for me!


Got a day’s daddy day care today. Currently watching GoT and then gonna mooch.

Morning all!

I’m interviewing prospective students this morning, with a brief interlude where some of my exam class do speaking assessments, then the access class have an assessment.

Old man football tonight.