No Monday thread?

Morning all.

Day two of a hangover. I’m officially getting too old for this shit. I just want to find a rock to crawl under and fester for the day. Loads of stuff to do at work though so none of that for me. Sigh.

Not much to report apart from that. Gonna spend my day trying to ignore the seething mass of GoT content that makes up the whole of the internet today.

Hope you’re all well.

Women’s world cup coming up, isn’t it?







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There’s a charity bake sale and I’ve got no money on me. Worst Monday ever.


Can’t believe my landlady got up at 4am to have a tab in the back garden

Monday is it

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My train was cancelled, buuuut I only had to wait ~10 minutes for another one, and (despite my reservation being null) i managed to get a forward facing window seat at a table (which I think is better than what I had), and cos this one takes longer I’m gonna be able to claim back half the fare.

How’s that for some positive vibes?


Morning all!

Four day week this week, WFH today and Thursday, off to see Primal Scream at a tiny club tonight and seeing Saint Etienne with an orchestra on Wednesday, then away in Stroud for the BH weekend. And it’s going to be sunny today (I wish it would hurry up on that front). So no complaints from me. Sorry.

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Morning 'Mills and all,

Despite my best efforts yesterday, my plans to minimise the quantities of cheese in our diets were completely and utterly annihilated by that gnome’s penchant for late afternoon cheese on toast, which when coupled with mi-evening lasagne, could only mean one thing. CHEESE DREAMS!!! you’ll be delighted to know I can barely remember mine. There was definitely a level of supernatural content and the lasagne wormed some Soprano-level content in there, but that’s all I’ve got.

Working from home. Think I’ve got a number of pieces people have asked for that I need to put together.

Really looking forward to eating my lemon cake later.


Ask one of your colleagues to lend you a couple of quid? I hope you get to eat some cake! :blush:

I’m not going up to a colleague and say “excuse me can I have 50p for a rice crispy square please”, they’re not my mum ffs

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no, monday thread!

New pal in the garden this morning.


I need to find a park and swing from some bars I feel like it’d be good for my back.

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Tell Bobby from me that he’s a fucking misogynistic twat :grinning:


Another one in the bad dreams/ feeling dread squad!

It’s not like me to get dread- I’m consistently annoyingly bouncy and like the start of a new week, but I feel a bit flat and tired. What a coincidence that I started drinking again on Thursday, after a long spell AFF IT. It’s strange because I wasn’t even drinking all that much, and I did quite enjoy myself with no repercussions/ hangovers, but it goes to show how even a small amount absolutely fucks with your brain chemistry. Back aff it again now, and feels like a big relief.

Got a much steadier week this week (last week was bananas with work and social stuff), so I’m looking forward to a good week, dread aside!


Hasn’t he always been a twat of various sorts over the years? :slight_smile: